Five tips to keep your dog safe on Bonfire Night

Warning: This feature is now out of date

They might be pretty but for our pets, fireworks can be terrifying. Bright flashes and loud bangs with no explanation can be rather worrying for our four-legged friends. If your dog is nervous, here’s how to prepare them for this year’s bonfire night… 

Here are some tips to keep your dogs safe during firework season:

1.Take your dog for a walk during daylight when fireworks are not being let off. 

2. Keep them inside and close the curtains.


3. Put the TV on a little louder than normal or play some music (don’t upset your neighbours though).

4. If your dog has a safe place such as a crate, encourage them to use it.

5. If your dog is frightened give them lots of cuddles and reassurance. Contrary to what a lot of old school dog trainers would have you believe, you cannot reinforce fear so soothing your dog when they are frightened will help them.

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