Girl Tribe Gang launches in Cambridge

Warning: This feature is now out of date

Working from home is a luxury but sometimes it can feel overwhelmingly lonely. After all, there’s only so many conversations you can have with your pet! Thankfully, a new concept has launched in Cambridge to bring women who work from home together… 

Jules Brim, Marketing Mixology

Local business woman Jules Brim who heads up the Cambridge Tribe of the  award-winning female collective GIRL TRIBE GANG (as featured on BBC Business, CNN and Forbes) is on a mission to reduce loneliness amongst women working from their kitchen tables. And she will start with a meet up at Browns in Cambridge on 12 February. 

Girl Tribe Gang, founded by ex NHS Strategist, turned Female Focused Psychotherapist and mum of four, Catherine Asta Labbett, is a national community of women who work for themselves, are spinning a side hustle, or who aspire to quit the 9-5, with a mission to reduce isolation and loneliness and to support and nurture entrepreneurism, by connecting like-minded women in their local communities.

Cambridge Tribe Boss Jules launched her own business, Marketing Mixology, at the start of 2018 and specialises in creating marketing solutions for businesses.  Jules co-ordinates with founder Catherine Asta Labbett to provide local entrepreneurs with an alternative to traditional corporate networking: the philosophy ‘no suits, no corporate nonsense, no breakfast meetings, no sticky name labels, no eating in front of strangers, no board tables, no awkward introductions, and no death by PowerPoint presentations’.


Addressing the issue of loneliness Jules Brim said: “I’ve worked for myself now for just over a year now and know that, whilst it’s rewarding, sometimes it can be kind of lonely (there’s only so many conversations you can have with your cat) and can be overwhelming as there are so many decisions and you don’t always have someone to bounce your ideas off. Girl Tribe Gang is all about changing that and creating a local community of bad ass business women that support and inspire each other.

“I’m reaching out to find all those like-minded women in my community, women who are working from their kitchen table or home office doing work that works for them and bringing everyone together. Girl Tribe Gang is all about creating a community of like-minded women, a level playing field and an eco-system of support and encouragement amongst women who totally get what it feels like to be on your own in business, or aspiring to one day quit the 9-5.”  

Girl Tribe Gang commissioned research among their members and 20K-strong Instagram following, to understand the causes of stress and what that stress looks and feels like amongst this huge hidden workforce of women. Almost 40% said that they have felt isolated and lonely in the last 12 months.  Girl Tribe Gang aims to reduce this loneliness and isolation of thousands of women and to champion the health and wellbeing of this fast growing workforce of women.

Jules is on a mission to inspire other women to set up their own business and to help reduce some of that isolation women who work for themselves experience and is inviting Cambridgeshire women to join her at her meet up on 12 February at Browns, Cambridge to connect all those local women who work for themselves or who have aspirations to quit the 9-5.  

Anyone interested can book a guest ticket to attend their next meet up via


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