Eastlife’s guide to wedding planning in 2017

When it comes to modern weddings, there’s absolutely no shortage of details you can include.  In fact, sometimes the hardest thing can be to know what to leave out! With all the ideas you’ll find online and in print, it’s easy to fill your wedding with detail after detail but is filling your day with finishing touches really the best idea?  Today, I’m going to explain why less is more and share some insider information about the wedding details that guests love.

So, why should you be careful with the details that you include?  Firstly, and obviously, the more you have to buy or hire, the more money you spend.  Your wedding budget is finite so if you start spending more in one area, you’ll have to cut back in others (or go over-budget) so just be careful.

Just as importantly, adding more and more into your day doesn’t make your guests notice more.  Instead, it’s far better to concentrate their attention on the details that really matter.  Petals on the tables can be a lovely touch but if you don’t have them, no one will worry OR notice!   It’s far more important that the food is good and the company is great!

And to help you plan the perfect wedding, here are a few ideas for wedding details that always make guests smile…



The iconic ‘confetti shot’ is an integral part of weddings and providing confetti for your guests makes sure that everyone will be involved.  Ideally, make sure that every guest has enough for two confetti tosses to ensure that your photographer can capture the moment.  If you’re not sure about this one, take a look at any confetti shot in magazines and online and you’ll see it’s not just the newlyweds who’re smiling.

Confetti is an integral part of many weddings


This detail might require you to take one for the team because I’m here to encourage you to break out the family albums! 

Break out your photo albums to share memories from years gone by



Guests love to share a love over photos from years gone by and, if you display them and include snaps from parties and other family occasions, guests can also spot themselves and this makes everyone happy and involved as well as reminding them how integral they’ve been in your lives.


Photobooths and Selfie Stations

Photobooths with props for dressing up can be hired or you can put one together yourself

It’s time for #weddingphotos because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to grab a funny photo or two?  Photobooths with props and little details for dressing up can be hired or you can put one together yourself.  Selfie stations give the perfect backdrop and they’re easy to create too.  A little time on Pinterest will give you everything you need and if you create your own wedding hashtag, you’ll be able to see, keep, share and even print the pics as well.


Afternoon Games

Games help people have fun and pass the time before the wedding meal

The gap between your ceremony and dinner can often feel a little flat, despite the drinks and nibbles.  If you’re disappearing off for photos, then consider leaving your guests with some fun games to play.  Traditional fairground rides, oversized garden games and  a round of beer / champagne pong will go down a treat with your guests!


Interactive Food and Drink Stations

Whilst successfully managing a buffet can be tricky, I’m all for the growing trend for interactive food and drink stations, after all, what’s not to love about a bubble bar, doughnut wall or towering layers of cheese?!


Creating Keepsakes

Without a doubt, everyone at your wedding wants to be there to share in your special day so they’ll love to be a part of something that will stay with you forever.  Setting out frames for guests to sign that will then sit around your favourite wedding photo is one great idea or you could invite guests to leave you advice for a happy marriage, ideas for date-nights or just a note sharing their happiest memory from the day.



No one will want your wedding day to come to an end but, as the saying goes, it’s definitely best to leave on a high.  Don’t let guests just trickle away into the night so plan something that creates a great final memory for everyone involved.  A farewell accompanied by fireworks or sparklers is perfect if you’re heading off to another venue for your first night or opt for a floor-filler for the last dance and spend the last moments of your wedding day surrounded by the people that you love most.

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