How to find style inspiration

In a fashion slump? Stylist Ruth Essex tells us where to find style inspiration 

Even if you don’t follow high fashion, it is so easy to start feeling frumpy if you don’t make efforts to renew and refresh. So how about trying a style inspiration exercise?

If you are a magazine reader, then a scrap book, glue stick and pair of scissors is a great place to start. Set some time aside just for you. Gather fashion magazines, Sunday supplements, Boden catalogue; whatever no one minds you cutting up. Look for things you are drawn to. It might be a style, a texture, a feeling or even the sleek lines of a silver car. The advert might highlight how you like simple clean lines, in neutral colours, in your clothing. Flip past the pictures you feel indifferent or have no real reaction to, and ignore affordability and practicality. Go for the gut feelings of love it or hate it.  


If you are more of an IT person, then Pinterest is an excellent tool to group together electronic images that you love. I use this for both my own personal inspiration and also for clients. If you want to take a look, my account is Ruth Essex at, where you can peruse some of my readymade pin boards. There are boards on ‘Navy as a Neutral’ or ‘Spring Colour Outfits’ for example. Set up your own account for free if you like the look of Pinterest, then start following others who inspire you or pinning boards yourself. If you find a look that you want to try, have a go at recreating your own version of it.

It is within everyone’s reach to feel stylish and happy in their statement look, however I do understand that it takes time and some effort to work out what stylish and happy means for you.  Identifying the styles you are drawn to and the outfits you want to wear, can stop you making expensive shopping mistakes or purchasing random items that end up as unworn items hanging lonelily on the rail. Before you know it, you will be able to identify your style happy place.

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