How to get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is essential to our wellbeing and daily lives and is something we should aim to improve year round. Whether you’re an early riser, regularly wake in the night or struggle to part with your bed in the morning, we’ve put together some useful tips for getting a perfect night of zzz’s.

A balanced bedroom

The bedroom is our personal haven, a place to switch off from the stresses of daily life, therefore it’s important that you love the space in which you sleep. Kitchens, bathrooms and gardens can often dominate our interior budget, but creating an inviting bedroom can be beneficial to our mood and sleeping patterns. If you feel stressed after a long day opt for calming colours, neutral tones and a simple colour palettes such as a warm white, cream or soft grey. Add a plant for natural vibes and keep the space clutter free with storage solutions – a tidy home helps with a tidy mind and ultimately a better night’s sleep!

Let there be light

Avoid bright harsh lighting within the bedroom. It’s not flattering and the artificial glow can have an impact if switched on before bed. Instead choose bed side lamps with a warm bulb, and ease yourself into darkness gently rather than going from bright to dark with a flick of the switch. Dimmers are a good option, as are black out blinds if you find the slightest bit of morning light wakes you. If you struggle to wake up in the morning, try using a Wake Up Light. Thirty minutes before your alarm goes off, it mimics natural dawn light, gradually growing from dim to light. It also works the opposite way and simulates sunset in the evening.


Feeling fresh

Is there anything better than snuggling into clean, crisp sheets? It’s the perfect remedy for a good night’s sleep. If your bedding is feeling a little tired, update it with a new duvet cover, sheet or pillowcases and you’ll notice the difference. New pillows or a mattress topper can help make a bed more comfortable.

Put down the phone

It’s something we’re all guilty of! Looking at your phone before bed has become bit of a sin. Though it’s tempting to scroll social media or reply to a message, the blue light has a significant impact on our eyes and our minds ability to switch off. As difficult as it may be, avoid looking at a screen up to one hour before bed. Put down the phone or turn off the tablet and switch to a good old fashioned book instead. You’ll be surprised how well you sleep!





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