How to get fit with your dog

Fitness with Fido

Start the New Year with a new regime that will benefit you and your dog

If like many of us, your New Year’s resolution is to get fit, what better way to work off the excesses from Christmas with the help of your furry four-legged friend?

Increase your walking time

Most of us own a fitness tracker or have an app that tracks our steps. The easiest way to get fit with Fido is to simply walk further. Set yourself a challenge and increase the distance you walk each day and smash your targets.



This fun fast paced activity will not only exercise your dog physically but mentally too.  Learning the obstacles and the techniques is a great way to spend an hour on a weekend; you’ll get a great workout too running around with your dog as you both take part.


 Running is a fantastic way to exercise your dog and it’s free! You can build up from walking to running short distances, and gradually increasing the length of time you can run for. You’ll soon be fit enough to run all the way with your dog.

Kayaking or stand up paddle boarding

Let your dog relax while you do all the work. Take your dog kayaking or for a ride on a stand up paddle board. You’ll get amazing abs and arm workout and your dog will enjoy something different. Make sure you both wear life jackets though.

Heel work to music

Why not try something slightly less energetic for the owner but still super fun? Teach your dog to dance and do heel work to music at one of the many classes on offer in the region. Not only will you be working out your mind learning the choreography but your dogs too.

Obstacle course challenge

For the super competitive, sign up for an obstacle course challenge. Designed specifically for dogs and their owners, challenge your abilities and teamwork as you take on various obstacles at each station.

More activities that you can do with your dog can be found on the Kennel Club website at



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