How to get your body is shape in time for summer

We speak to Hertfordshire based personal trainer, Neresh Douglas for tips of how to get in shape for summer.

Hands up – who has fell off the fitness New Year band-wagon? Yes, me too. The year started out with such good intentions; a new gym membership, fridge and cupboards stock piled with fruit, veg and healthy snacks and a goal in mind. I really did think this would be the year that I would get the closest I possibly could to a Victoria Secrets supermodel body. Ok that might have been an unrealistic thought given I don’t have the time nor am I prepared to workout four hours a day and I am foot to short, but like the majority of the country my New Year resolution was simple, get fit and in shape in time for summer.

Why is it that we set out with these fitness goals but come spring more than half of us have fallen somewhat off track? I sat down with personal trainer and nutritional guru Neresh Douglas for some inspirational advice.


Neresh is a fully qualified personal trainer that is making working out at home easier than ever before. For most of us and the recurring problem Neresh hears is that our lives are just too busy to fit in a regular exercise regime and lets face it, after a long day at work, hauling yourself to the gym is pretty tough. With this in mind Neresh has taken personal trainer to the next level by offering training in the comfort of your own home, small training groups with friends in the park and Skype training sessions.

Based in St Albans and West Hertfordshire region, Neresh makes working out convenient by bringing the gym to the home. She says: “Peoples time is becoming more precious, taking out the element of having to travel to a gym makes it more doable.”

With 18 years experience in the industry, Neresh relocated to St Albans from Bermuda 16 months ago. Following this move the idea of the ‘virtual trainer’ was born. In order to keep training her old clients, Neresh began to offer Skype training sessions, where she demonstrates the routine and is a supporting and motivational voice via the laptop.

“The advantage of Skype training is the being in the comfort of your own home but fully supervised and motivated by a professional. Also you can train at any time of day or night and keep costs down,” she explains.

“Each person is different. A good trainer can carry someone throughout every stage of his or her life. I do a lot of postural work, assessments, a range of movement, pregnancy and post natal.”

Neresh showed me a typical 30 minute session in my home, which was far better than any half an hour I’ve ever spent in the gym. We didn’t need much space, equipment was provided and she was motivational throughout. When I was ready to quit, which I would of done after five minutes if I’d been on my own, Neresh was there to offer words of encouragement to help me continue. As we trained she explained that personal training doesn’t have to be expensive. Sessions can start from as little as £10 per hour when you train with a group of friends, what better way to get fit than by gossiping with friends?

Shape up

Whether you have a holiday booked, want to shape up, get fit or lose weight, obtaining your best body is easy when you have a plan. Neresh gave us some handy tips and advice for the most common excuses and scenarios:


Fallen off your original plan

If the January gym hype is over for you Neresh says its vital to identify where it went wrong. She says: “Most people usually set unrealistic goals such as losing a stone a month. I never tell a client to get on scales, weight varies but I massively encourage taking measurements. Take your measurements every three weeks while working out and you’ll soon see the result on tape measure.”

Fad diets are also a no. She adds: “If one diet worked there wouldn’t be a hundred options to try. I don’t advocate any diets, only real foods and whole foods. It’s simply not possible to can’t exercise a bad diet off.

Exercise tip: Get someone to exercise with you and take measurements together, you’ll likely stay on track if you have support.


Lack of Time

If you’ve heard the phrase “you need to exercise an hour a day” then think again!

“It’s a myth,” Neresh says. “20 minutes at a time, two 10 minute sessions, intervals of squats and push ups at 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, and repeat 10 times.

“Walk the escalators, carry a basket around supermarket rather than a trolley, get off the bus at a stop earlier it’s best to incorporate an active lifestyle more than thinking of gym time.”

Exercise tip: Keep your every day life active such as squat when you brush your teeth and do push ups while the kettle boils.


You have durance but need to do more

The best to add more exercise to your life is finding something you love to do claims Neresh. She says: “Find something you enjoy; a group class, cycling or boxing. Get a few friends together then go for breakfast. Make it something fun to do. You need to be mindful of future preparation of yourself.”

Exercise tip: Squat overhead press, push ups, planking and lunges


Losing weight

“This is my main bulk of cliental,” explains Neresh. “You need to identify where the weight come from. It’s useful to keep a food diary, get a trainer and nutritionist, but don’t radically change your diet, it’s all about proportion control.

Eat your cake and enjoy it but be mindful of what is happening the next meal, eat in moderation and start incorporating exercises into every day life such as taking the stairs and walk where possible.”

Exercise tip: Resistance cardio for optimum weight loss. Do both Squats and biceps together, use as many muscle groups in one move as possible.

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