How to maximise your kitchen at Christmas

3 tips for maximising your kitchen space this Christmas

For many of us, Christmas is the highlight of our year, particularly because it gives us the perfect opportunity to tuck into a grand roast. But, when you’re the one in charge of preparing and cooking the meal, you can feel less enthusiastic about the day.

Christmas dinner is famous for coming with all the trimmings, whether that’s a pile of roast potatoes or a tower of stuffing. And, if you have a small kitchen, preparing everything can cause cluttered work surfaces and a stack of washing up by the end of it.

So, if you’re looking to maximise the space in your kitchen this Christmas, we’ve got some solutions for you.

Create a cooking plan

The classic Christmas dinner is made up of many components that need to be cooked in the oven. But, as it’s not usually possible to cook these all at once, your kitchen can find itself laden with food-filled baking trays waiting to be cooked.


To combat this issue, Jane Rylands from the kitchen appliance manufacturer Belling recommends creating a cooking plan to ensure everything is made as efficiently as possible:

“Before you cook anything, you should consider which foods will take priority and which ones can be cooked in different ways. For example, the meat is bound to be the most important thing to go in the oven, while your vegetables can be steamed or boiled on the hob to ensure everything gets served up at the same time.

“You should also be thinking about which components can be cooked at the same temperature, or even on the same baking tray. There’s nothing wrong with throwing some pre-bought Yorkshire puddings onto the same tray as your parsnips or putting your vegetables around the meat.

“Using a fan oven will also help as it’ll equally distribute the heat inside of your oven, meaning less cooking time and a more evenly cooked roast.”

Organise your fridge

Preparing elements of your Christmas dinner before the big day will give you a great head start, but it can also lead to your fridge being crammed full. To avoid this, it’s important that you learn how to organise your fridge well, so everything is safely stored and nothing spoils before the big day.

However, if your roast bird is taking up too much space in your fridge, find a spot in your home that’ll keep your bulky drinks cartons and bottles chilled. A cold utility room or even your garage are good options to keep that festive fizz crisp. For more information, BBC Good Food has a great guide on what to keep where at Christmas (

Make a ‘help yourself’ station

Once your Christmas dinner is ready to serve, you might struggle to fit everything on your dining table. So, why not try something different this year? Instead of having all of the food crammed onto the table, you can set up a self-service buffet spot to ensure your table isn’t overcrowded, and that everybody can enjoy their dinners without being asked to pass the gravy again.

If you don’t have enough surface space to set up your self-serve station, a hostess trolley is more compact so can be a better option for kitchens with limited space. You can even get ones with heated shelves and compartments that’ll keep your food warm, like these ones from Hostess. Plus, the removable oven-proof dish holders minimise the potential for spills and accidents.

With so many different dishes to prepare, and limited space do so, Christmas dinner can get quite stressful. But, with our top three tips and some forward planning, you’ll be on your way to having a stress-free Christmas this year.

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