How to Train your New Puppy

If there’s a new puppy in the home and you’re excited to start training, get ahead before they’re old enough to attend classes with our five tips for training the basics.


Take a treat and move it towards your dog above their head. As you move it between their eyes, the dog will naturally sit back to look up. Hey presto, you have a sit! Repeat this exercise until they’re getting it each time and add the word sit. Simply repeat until you can say “sit” and they understand without the need for using treats.


With your dog in a sitting position take a treat from their nose in a downward motion to the ground. This may take a little longer than the sit to master but once they have it, give lots of praise. Repeat until they’ve got it, before introducing the word down.


Whatever you’re doing will be interesting to an inquisitive new pup, coming to you will be easy in the home but could be more difficult outside if not mastered early on. Each time your puppy comes to you give lots of praise and a reward and you can guarantee they’ll come back for more.



Probably the most difficult for a wiggly pup but the earlier you start, the quicker they’ll pick it up. You might need someone helping with this by holding them to begin with in the place you want them to settle. Keep them in one position, move a short distance away, treat them for staying in the same position and gradually increase the length of time.

Heal/loose lead walking

If your puppy is racing ahead at the end of their lead, it’s because they’re excited to get to where you’re going. Give your pup something to do during the walk like looking at you for a tasty treat. They can’t focus on looking up at you if they’re ahead so they’ll naturally stay close.

It’s best to sign up for training classes as soon as you bring your puppy home to guarantee your space.

To find a list of trainers in your area, a good place to start is the IMDT  or APDT to find experienced, qualified trainers who abide by a code of ethics.


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