How to Train Your Puppy

Simple and easy tips on how to train your puppy. Find your nearest puppy training school in East Anglia. 

It’s never too early to start training your puppy, in fact you can start the day you bring them home.

Here’s two things you can get started with right away before puppy classes start: 


Don’t think for one minute they will be comfortable with you and their surroundings from the moment you introduce them to their new life.  All they’ve known in their short lives is their mother and siblings.


One thing you can do is provide a safe space in your home maybe a crate or playpen and make a den for them. Give your pup a comfy blanket or item that smells of their mum. Set up their den in a prominent position in the house so your pup can see what is going on.

Allow them time to take in their surroundings before letting them all over the house, make the den the best place by letting them have fun toys and treats in there too. They may need extra comfort during the night so it’s a good idea to wrap a warm heat pad in their blanket to help them feel secure.

Toilet Training

Be prepared for accidents especially after eating, drinking, first thing in the morning or last thing at night. They can also have accidents when over excited and when nervous about new situations.

You can help them by watching their body language for signs they might need to go; a good example would be them circling and sniffing the floor. Take them outside as quick as you can and when they do something, make a big fuss of them so they associate getting lots of fuss with doing their business outside.

Never scold them for having an accident indoors, it really won’t make them learn any quicker and it isn’t very nice.

Qualified puppy trainers 

I recommend finding a qualified trainer who hosts puppy classes. A good place to find someone in your area is by searching on the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Training) website. 

Some puppy trainers who come highly recommended in East Anglia:


Zoe Willingham, Best Behaviour Dog Training, Ipswich and Stowmarket


Melissa Hartnack, Cambridge Dog Services, Cambridge


Kim Kaye, Nosey Barker, Harlow


Dave Brice, David Brice Dog Behaviour, Fakenham


Lisa Hunt, Hunts Happy Hounds, High Wycombe


Luci Sanan, Canine Manners, Biggleswade


Mark Taylor, Acer Gundog Training, Royston

I also recommend this puppy book written by Steve Mann, the founder of the IMDT ‘Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy’. It’s packed full of useful training tips and advice and written in an easy to follow way.

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