How to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house and yet often the one that we give the least thought to when buying or renovating a property. So many home commercial developers simply put the same bland boring bathroom suite in; their choice usually dictated by budget rather than aesthetics or quality.

This month we are going to look at some of the current key trends in bathrooms and how you can update this small but essential room in your home, without breaking the bank, and turn it into your own personal sanctuary.

Monochrome is all the rage


Luckily most bathroom suites are white which means this is a very easy trend to follow and update. If you are refitting your bathroom, white suites in either contemporary or traditional styles are still very much on trend. Black and grey on the walls are still big this year in interiors. If you’re feeling adventurous you could go for black wall tiles or paint. If you are doing it on a budget simply add black accessories. If you have a freestanding metal bath you can easily change the colour by painting the outside black or grey.

Textured wall tiles are another key trend

Go for neutral or monochrome colours such as white, champagne, grey and black. For floors encaustic geometric patterned tiles are very popular in 2019 and look fantastic in grey and black. Check out a company called OTTO tiles, who have a lovely selection to choose from and to inspire you. Make sure when you are choosing your tiles you match your grout to the tiles. Grout is now available in a wide range of colours. Grey grout will always be lower maintenance than white so this might be something to consider when choosing your tile colour.

Matt metallic gold, champagne and bronze

If you are changing your taps or shower a key trend is to deviate from shiny chrome and opt for warmer matt gold and bronze metallic. Bathroom accessories with the same metallic work well with this look.

Tropical oasis

This is a fun trend and one that I love. Add a tropical pot plant such as an orchid, palm, rubber plants or a spider plant in a beautiful pots to your bathroom to create a holiday vibe. Choose a planter that works with your chosen scheme. Maybe a black or white pot for a monochrome scheme or a matt metallic. If you don’t want to add plants then a simple vase and some cut flowers can look very effective and bring a feeling of luxury to your bathroom.

Who would not love to have their own personal day spa?

You can achieve the look and feel easily with the addition of carefully folded matching white towels, scented candles in neutral colours, white bath robes and beautifully displayed bath products, also in neutral colours. Tidy all the everyday clutter away into the bathroom cupboards, get out the scented candles and products that you have been saving, and you have created your very own spa.

Freestanding furniture is big

Another stylish trend if you have a large bathroom is to add some freestanding furniture to your design. For example, an antique glass fronted bookcase can be repurposed as towel storage. A chest of drawers is great for storing all those things you don’t necessarily want on view. You can paint it to fit in with your colour scheme. Go for neutrals if you want to stay on trend or leave it as natural wood. Try a cocktail table next to the bath to put your drinks and toiletries on. You can have a lot of fun finding suitable pieces if you visit your local auction house or antiques centre.

Easy bathroom updates

A very easy and effective way to refresh your bathroom and another trend for 2019, is to add a feature mirror or a piece of artwork. A matt gold or black frame can work very well or a monochrome piece of art but really just go with what you love. A good way to create some texture and a pop of colour is to add a cosy rug!

Treat yourself to some new towels

Changing your towels is a quick and inexpensive way to refresh your bathroom on a budget. Think of it in a similar way to getting some new cushions for your sofa. If you want to be on trend this winter go for dark grey or black towels, and maybe swap them for light grey or white in the spring to create a fresher look. Soft fluffy white towels are always classy and will go with any colour scheme.

Finishing touches

Turning your bathroom into a sanctuary does not have to cost a fortune. It’s all in the detail. Luxury bath items and accessories can be purchased inexpensively at TK Maxx at a fraction of their normal cost and will give your bathroom the day spa or five star hotel feel. Light the candles, turn down the lights, pour yourself a glass of something lovely and slip into a warm fragrant bubble bath and relax. It’s just what the doctor ordered!



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