James at Newmarket Nights

Review: James at Newmarket Nights, Friday 4 August, 2017 by Ben Attenborough

Newmarket Nights at Newmarket Racecourse in Newmarket continues to go from strength to strength. 

Apart from a handful of hits like Sit Down and Laid I was pretty unfamiliar with the back catalogue of James, so I went to the gig not really knowing what to expect.

However I needn’t have worried because I was blown away by how good they were.


The day leading up to the gig was very enjoyable. The weather held, the drinks were flowing and I even had some winners at the races.

Lead singer Tim Booth came on stage in the early evening and revealed that the band had reservations about playing at such an unusual venue. But by the end of the evening both he and the audience agreed it had been a real emotional and deep experience.

Booth performed with real energy, dancing around on stage like a spinning top. The music covered a range of emotions, but the primary feeling was one of anthemic celebration. By the time they played their big hit Sit Down, the crowd were buzzing and singing along.

As an extra special treat fans were thrilled to hear the first ever performance of new song “Busted”. Booth said the song is so new the band are still deciding on the final words! You can hear the track above.

It’s usually for bands to go off stage for a few minutes before coming out again for an encore. But the energy in the place meant James decided to forego the ceremony and instead snuck in a couple more tunes, which went down extremely well with the audience.

I went away throughly impressed and I will certainly be checking out James’ previous records now!

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