It’s lights, camera, action in Norfolk

Matt in make-up on set
Matt in make-up on set

Norfolk has become the backdrop for a local filmmaker’s first project.

Matt Long from Norwich is using the county’s stunning scenery and the help of locals for an exciting new film, ‘Soldiers of Embers’.

After a career as an actor with roles in TV, film and theatre, including USA TV series ‘Human Remains’, Matt launched his own production company Bulldog Films in August 2015, inspired to create a “something to remember”.

He said: “I was seeing a lot of other low budget indie films being made with a specific crowded genre. I wanted to write something that was ambitious and really stood out from the crowd. Without giving too much away it is safe to say there will be some real talking points about this movie that will attract viewers.”


The film follows the story of ex Para Trooper Jack Bishop as he adjusts back to civilian family life which evolves into a dramatic story of brotherhood and vengeance.

The film has provided opportunities for local people to be involved within the industry including a trainee make-up artist from Norwich City College. Matt adds: “I have given a few up and coming film makers time to work with the team to allow them gain more experience. It is very satisfying for me to see people learning and enjoying the film making process.”  Local film maker Sam Hoggarth is onboard as director.




Matt will play the lead character himself, alongside a cast which includes local actor Adam Oakley who

Matt with ex-Gladiator Wayne Gordon
Matt with ex-Gladiator Wayne Gordon

has recently worked on Noel Clarke’s latest film ‘Brotherhood – The End’ which is the final part of the Kidulthood Trilogy, and ex-Gladiator Wayne Gordon, who appeared in Skyfall.

The first day of filming took place at Sea Palling Beach. Matt explains: “I was very fortunate when trying to gain permission to film at a beach location when North Norfolk District Council helped us out. They were extremely supportive of what we are doing and happily granted permission.”

Additional locations include Club VuDu, St Mary’s Church in North Tuddenham and All Saints Church in Welborne. “If it wasn’t for people helping us out we would never be able to make films of this nature so it is humbling to meet some very kind people out there,” adds Matt.

With a big following in America and interest from film festivals in New York and Los Angeles, Norfolk is set to be showcased to an international audience. Matt says: “Part of making this film is showing the fantastic filming locations that Norfolk has to offer.”

With feedback comparing it to ‘Layer Cake’, we can’t wait for the release in 2017!

There are multiple behind the scenes videos on the website under the cast and crew section at

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