Lingerie thoughts for brides when choosing their dress


  • Before choosing your dress you need to think about your lingerie and whether the style of dress you want will accommodate your size and shape. For example choosing a dress without straps and with a very low back means you will not be able to wear a bra – would you be happy with this


  • Many brides get married in Ivory but even if you choose white ivory coloured lingerie is the best choice as it will not be seen – flesh colour is also a practical alternative. If you are not wearing a traditional colour remember that luxury lingerie is available in many colours consult your lingerie specialist in advance and try to have a colour swatch of your dress with you.

  • Strapless dresses are one of the most popular choices. If you would like to wear a bra with it then remember that strapless bras are generally available up to an E cup with some F/G cups available at specialist retailers. Remember that the band sits around your ribcage just under your breasts so if the dress is low at the back the bra will show. Bustiers are available with a lower back to accommodate this and are usually available up to a G cup. They are however a lot more expensive than a bra.

  • There are usually lots of styles of knickers available to match with your chosen bra or bustier, remember you have to wear them all day so you need to choose a style that you will be comfortable in.

  • Suspenders are a popular choice with stockings although if your dress is very fitted it may be safer to wear hold ups

  • Don’t forget your garter many of them have a traditional piece of blue ribbon or lace on them

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to choose your lingerie for your special day. Your dressmaker will want you to wear your lingerie for your wedding dress fittings to ensure a perfect fit so you need to have you lingerie by then. You really need to allow yourself at least 2 weeks before the date you need your lingerie just in case you fall in love with a set and an item needs to be ordered in for you.You don’t want to have to make compromises on style or fit. Remember if you would like a handmade corset it will take a minimum of 6 weeks

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