Motoring review: Ford Kuga

The new Ford Kuga is put through its paces by Sue Cooke.

As I bounce out of yet another unavoidable pothole which seem to litter our streets at this time of year, I think that the next car I buy will be a sport utility vehicle (SUV). I know in East Anglia we don’t have the steep inclines and Everest type hills to climb which other regions are cursed with but apart from off roading, there are many other reasons to buy Ford’s best in class Kuga.

Ask a man why they would choose a four-wheel drive and they would say poor road conditions, but ask a woman and they would say they prefer the ruggedness and greater feeling of safety in general, according to the findings of online motor retail specialist I would add to the list, my liking of the commanding view of the road ahead. So, this time of year, with the problems of mud, flooding and potholes, I am considering buying an SUV with the new March plates.

Ford Kuga car
Built for comfort: The new Ford Kuga

SUV sales are rising faster than any other type of vehicle which have shed their gas guzzling reputation. And true to its reputation as an innovator, Ford says it is introducing an all-new fully electric SUV, engineered to deliver an estimated range of at least 300 miles – enough to drive from London to Paris – by 2020.


Sales of Ford’s Kuga have risen by 320 per cent in three years and this SUV offers advanced engines like the new 120PS 1.5-litre TDCi diesel that meets the latest Euro Stage 6 emissions requirements and delivers 115g/km CO2. My road test car was powered by the latest 2 litre diesel engine with 150 PS.


  • MODEL: Ford Kuga
  • PRICE: £28,745 otr
  • ENGINE: 2 litre TDCi 6 speed manual front wheel drive
  • PERFORMANCE: 0-62mph in 10.1 seconds and on to a top speed of 121 mph
  • CO2 EMISSIONS: 122g/km

The Kuga is packed with technology such as the new SYNC 3 communication and entertainment system. Push a button and say “I need a coffee,” and the technology will direct you to the nearest coffee shop. A coffee cup alert will also present itself on the screen ahead when sensors detect that the driver’s eyelids are closing more frequently than is desirable!

Ford Kuga car
The new Kuga has loads of new tech on its dashboard

Ford has also introduced new lighting to the Kuga which improves visibility at roundabouts, and at stop and give way or yield signs, and draws the driver’s attention to pedestrians, cyclists and even large animals in the vehicle’s path or even just off the road. Amazing!

What I could have done with in the New Year sales was the hands free opening tailgate. Returning to the car, loaded up with kids and shopping and requiring access to the boot, I just make a kicking motion underneath the rear bumper and open sesame!

There is now more intuitive technology inside the new Kuga with hands-free parking for side by side spaces. Cross traffic alert warns drivers who are reversing out of a parking space of vehicles that a car may be about to cross behind them. The steering wheel is offered in heated leather to improve comfort in cold weather. I will miss warm fingers when the Ford Kuga goes back.

Car manufacturers are responding to what we as consumers ask for in our new cars and currently my big ask is for a car like the Ford Kuga that will smoothly and competently pave the way over the numerous potholes!

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