Motoring Review: Jaguar F Type Convertible


All I want for Christmas is…a Jaguar F Type Convertible. Too much? Sue Cooke gets takes it for a spin. 

Facts at a Glance: 

Model: Jaguar F Type R-Dynamic Convertible | Price: From £69,800 otr | Engine: 3 litre V8 380 ps S/C petrol | Performance: 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds and on to a top speed of 171 mph | CO2 emissions: 203 g/km | Combined fuel consumption: 32.9mpg


I asked the man who delivered the Jaguar F Type Convertible if he would mind just opening the front bonnet to see if there was any luggage space. Well other sports cars have a boot under the bonnet! His face wore one of those looks that suggested he might be pandering to the request of some slightly mad woman, but he very obligingly pulled a lever and peered inside.  “Nope” he said, “just one whopping engine!” I was so disappointed. Well ok, I had THE most gorgeous car in the world sitting on my drive, but I had plans to go Christmas present shopping with my daughter. There was no chance of that in this two-seater sports car, with one small boot in the rear.

But out on the road, boot capacity was the last thing on my mind. The beautiful exterior is a magnet for every passer-by. There is no door handle on show, but press the remote and they emerge, which is a good security measure. Slide into the low placed sports seats and everything fits and hugs. When pressing the ignition button there is a terrific roar, which was a little embarrassing when I had an early start. I must go and apologise to my neighbours.

What faces the driver in the quality interior with its heady smell of leather, is a large 8” touchscreen and a dash which is clean and uncluttered. Fiddle with the well labelled air con buttons and two vents rise majestically centre dash. The steering wheel is flat bottomed in typical sportscar style and paddleshift gears sit behind if you fancy a little more excitement.  In fact, changing gear and breathing become linked and there is a feeling of being one with the car as you listen to the pop-popping of the throaty switchable active sports exhaust, which is another reason for having the top down.

The black fabric top slides very quickly into the boot space and in this mode, and with side windows in place and a small wind deflector behind the seats, it is possible for a wind free ride.

The stop start is one of the best I have experienced and the engine will start immediately you need to move off. You do need a light right foot though as acceleration and subsequent increase in speed is very quick.

The doors on this convertible are the same as most two door cars and are very wide which you have to think about when parking next to other cars. The rear parking aid makes manoeuvring the wide chassis easy.

To celebrate 70 years of Jaguar sports cars, since the reveal of the XK120 in 1948, Jaguar has launched the Chequered Flag Special Edition of the F-Type, itself winning 170 global awards. Based on my road test car, the R-Dynamic Convertible, this car features subtle visual enhancements and a chequered flag logo.

When having the opportunity to drive the Jaguar F Type Convertible, boot capacity is somehow just not important. So sorry if you don’t get a Christmas present from me this year but I was just too busy driving the most beautiful sports car in the world.

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  1. Jaguar F-type is the perfect combination of design and strong specs. It is among the most favourable convertible this year. Some of the best convertible cars to compare with the same can be Mazda MX-S, BMW Z4, Ford Mustang etc. Thank you Sue for sharing your honest review.

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