Mum’s the Word: Child Modelling

Sylvia Plath once said: “I love my rejection notes, they remind me that I try.” It has been something of a mantra of mine over the years, such is the life of a frustrated writer, but lately its taken on a whole new meaning that I suspect might be relevant to all mums, not just those who dream of winning the Man Booker. I’m talking about child modelling.

Come on, you know you’ve at least googled it, if not sent off a few snapshots to an agency just waiting for your little star to get snapped up. To be honest there are so many scammers out there that I think a lot of (sensible) people probably stop after the first google search but I’m sure there are others, like me, who have periodically submitted their photos to an agency content in the knowledge that their child is the most beautiful creature to have ever walked the earth and that it is only right and fair that his beauty is shared with the whole world. Can the pushy moms in the readership give me a high five?

Well I did it when he was a baby (I actually have a cheque somewhere in his name as he was paid for a casting – seemingly I could apply for modelling agencies but not for a bank account), I did it a couple of years ago when encouraged by cooing friends and family on instagram and I did it yesterday after someone forwarded a link to an article about child modelling.


The thing is I know the likelihood of success is very slim, just like when I submit a piece of writing I know I am one in a sea of many and it the chances of your submission shining out from a crowd are slight, but at least I try.

I’m usually consoled by kind words (we carefully considered your lovely child/interesting sci fi/romance mash up), or the cruelty of circumstance (our books aren’t currently open to dashingly handsome young boys/clearly outstanding authors) but today I awoke to nothing of the sort. A rejection email barely 12 hours after I had sent them carefully selected photos of the apple of my eye. And I’m annoyed.

I get that we all think our child is more beautiful than the next, I get that we mums can get a little over zealous when pushing our children for success but at least give me a little something to cushion the blow. So here’s a little something for any mum, like me, who is frustrated that their child isn’t plastered across every billboard in the country: your child is beautiful, the way they light up your life is something to be celebrated and you are not crazy to think they deserve the spotlight, they do; now go ahead and shine it on them, you can do it all on your own. 

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