Mum’s the word: Christmas Magic

I’m an unashamed Harry Potter geek and gobble up all manner of memes and listicles about the Wizarding World. Usually I’m just happy to add to my vast geek knowledge reserves but recently I read something I took umbrage with: why would wizards celebrate Christmas?

The concept of wizards celebrating Christmas was called out as some kind of gaping plot hole, I’m guessing the crux of which is that anything that has been heralded as miraculous can just be put down to witchcraft and wizardry and therefore religion would not have a place. Not only do I find this nonsensical in a world where Christmas is often celebrated by the secular community, but for me it misses what is at the heart of Christmas. Christmas is magic.

I think magic is key to Christmas time, that certain something in the air that makes even the Grinchy-est of people smile at strangers on Christmas Eve, the flutter in your stomach as you count down the days of advent, the family that comes together to share joy and love whilst pushing the humdrum of daily life to one side. The magic that makes Christmas special, even to non-Christians, is something that you can’t quite put your finger on; it’s something that you feel rather than something you can buy.


The magic of Christmas is very literal to children waiting on Santa Claus, screwing their eyes up tight on Christmas Eve and willing the morning to come, but as an adult I don’t think the magic dies, it just changes. Our gifts may now come from relatives and not from the North Pole but the delight of making others happy and of sharing joyful times with the people we care about is definitely magical.

Christmas magic is something very real to me and as a Harry Potter aficionado I think it makes perfect sense that the one time in the year that muggles get to feel the joy of magic is celebrated throughout wizardkind. 

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