Mum’s the Word: Time Flies

This month our family blogger, Dolly Osborne, discusses Swedish meatballs and pop classics

A few things have happened this year that have reminded me that time is marching on. My younger step daughter turned 13 making that two teenage daughters that I have, my baby hit double digits, and displayed a marked increase at giggling about private parts, and I turned 38 which feels like a definite ‘almost 40’ as opposed to my previously comfortable position in my mid-thirties. However despite time clearly moving on I didn’t feel old, I’m a card carrying ‘cool mum’ and my veneer of coolness protects me from the erosion of time. Well it did until last weekend…

It was a normal family weekend: drag the teenager out of bed around noon, tear the youngest away from shooting people on his phone and take a trip to everyone’s favourite Swedish store for meatballs and fantasising that your house looks as neat and tidy as the numerous staged rooms you nose around.

So we go in the store and music is playing, Spice Girls’ ‘Wannabe’ blasting from a strangely positioned DJ booth and I, being both Cool Mom™️ & child of the 90s, start singing along. I soon notice I’m not alone in blasting out a zig-a-zig-ah, my 15 year old also knows all of the words and is singing. I smile at this moment of shared joy but then it hits me. This, to her, is like ABBA was to me growing up. It’s retro. It’s an old pop classic. And I am too.


Was quite a blow realising that I, the teenager that forced my mum to listen to all of Parklife before she could dismiss it as rubbish, was now the retro mum, almost 40 and reminiscing about the Spice Girls. It hurts.

Then however a 10 year old boy came to call for my boy. “Are you his sister?” “-giggles- no, actually I’m his mum.” “Oh wow, I’ve not seen you before. I like your dress, are you going to a party?” “Oh, this old thing…” and although I didn’t say it, there it was in my mind, I’ve still got it. Even if I am nearly 40!

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