Mum’s the Word: Why you should always knock!

This month, mummy blogger, Dolly Osborne, shares an anecdote of why children should always knock! 

So I’m going to tell a rather embarrassing story. Bear with me through the cringing though as it actually led to a rather lovely little moment. I’m not that embarrassed to be telling it as it didn’t happen to me, honestly, it happened to a friend of mine, a friend we’ll call Molly.

So Molly & her husband were enjoying a rare morning in bed together. It was a weekend with nothing planned and their 10 year old son (the same age as my son but I can’t stress heavily enough this story is not about me) was perfectly capable of independent breakfasting & generally keeping himself entertained. So a lazy Saturday in bed, a lemonade light trickling in through the curtains and Molly & her husband got a little amorous. It was a hot spell too so we are talking over duvet action. Part way through, erm conjugal connections the bedroom door flies open. There’s a silence that hangs heavy in the room that feels like it lasts forever and then the child backs out of the room and Molly, feeling utterly mortified yells out “And this is why you knock!”

Now Molly, much like myself, sees herself as a modern parent; and of course to the woke parent a gut wrenchingly embarrassing incident is, in fact, an opportunity for education. So Molly and her son sat down for ‘a talk’. I won’t regale you with all of the details (not that I know them all, I wasn’t there) but suffice to say Molly talked about how sex was an expression of love and intimacy. She commented on how her son benefits from loving, happy parents and that these benefits come from the maintenance of love and intimacy which, in turn come from sex.


I think it was a valuable conversation to have, to address the embarrassment but also to point out that sex isn’t something to be sniggered at or be grossed out by but that it is an important expression of love. I know Molly thinks so. I also know that Molly’s son ALWAYS knocks now…

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