New Baking Masterclasses at Two Magpies

Suffolk’s newest baking school has opened its doors in Darsham, giving would-be bakers a chance to try their hand at making their own sourdough bread, doughnuts or delicious pizzas.

Run at the Two Magpies, a cafe and bakery on the A12, the cookery courses aim to teach all the skills needed to create freshly-baked masterpieces at home and really get to grip with those techniques that have been evading you.

Taking place in the working bakery and taught by founder and co-owner, Rebecca Bishop, all the classes are suitable for beginners, as well as those with more experience. With just eight people to a class, there’s plenty of individual tuition, and opportunity to ask questions throughout. 


Currently there are three classes available:

Introduction to Sourdough Baking: a full day course (7 hour course for £140) teaching the fundamentals of sourdough – mixing, shaping, baking and recreating it time and time again at home.

Dedicated to Doughnuts: a half day course (£60 per person) that teaches how to make sweet yeasted brioche dough and shape it into doughnuts. You will leave the class with 6 filled doughnuts and the dough to make 6 more at home.

The Pizza Masterclass: taking place in the evening, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to create your own pizza then enjoy eating it with a glass of wine or a beer in the cafe followed by a delicious dessert. Visit to book your place.

Two Magpies Darsham is open Sunday to Friday from 8am-5pm and on Saturday from 8am-8.30pm. For more information on the baking classes visit

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