Noah’s Ark Arrives at Ipswich Waterfront

Warning: This feature is now out of date

A half-sized replica of Noah’s Ark has arrived at Orwell Quay on Ipswich Waterfront. It opened to the public on Friday 15 November and will stay for up to three months (opening 7 days a week), as part of an ongoing tour.  

Noahs Ark

Noah’s Ark is the world’s only floating museum and exhibition of Bible stories, a cultural and educational celebration of many of the legendary stories from the Bible’s Old and New Testaments.  From Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Goliath and countless more, this quirky, creative, and extraordinary space brings to life the biblical stories through an array of beautiful wooden carved sculptures and tableaux. 

The Ark is on a “once in a lifetime” visit to Ipswich and offers an experience which visitors will never forget. This story telling Ark sparks the imagination of children and adults. There are four floors of sculpture stories, at the centre of which is the Tree of Life, growing 12 metres up through the middle of the Ark.  


It’s about culture and storytelling and is not affiliated with any Church or religious group. No matter what you believe, the Ark creates a talking point for visitors to reflect on and discuss their own experiences, often finding common ground on stories shared between people with or without faith. 

Since its launch in 2010, this huge wooden ship has travelled across Europe and sailed into over 55 harbours. It has welcomed over half a million visitors of all nationalities, faiths and cultures.

Artist Aad Peters
Aad Peters, founder of Museumship Ark of Noah. Photo credit: BigShipBV

Many schools and community groups have created education projects based around the themes on The Ark. Local teachers, educators and community group representatives are invited to get in touch with the Ark team to plan their visits. Tel 07415544662 or email [email protected]

Noah’s Ark was created from the fertile brain of celebrated Dutch TV and Theatre producer Sir Aad Peters. For millennia, Noah’s Ark has been the symbol of hope and sanctuary. Sir Aad Peters’ reasons for creating the Ark were simple. He said: “If you know your own stories, it is easier to understand the culture of others.” 

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