Norwich singer-songwriter Lisa Redford

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Lisa Redford, musician in New York City.

We catch up with Norwich singer-songwriter Lisa Redford who is back in Norfolk after a successful spell in New York City…

You’re back in Norfolk for now, but how was your NYC experience? It was very exciting, I made lots of friends there and had many different experiences. On a music front it was very productive, I recorded new material, played some great gigs and got involved in various creative projects including writing my first film score for a cool film called 'Q to the 6 Train'.

Has your time there changed the way you approach your music, or your outlook on the business?
NYC is incredibly inspiring. There's an endless wealth of creative energy going on and amazing talent that it pushes you even more to keep motivated.

Are you planning to go back the States?
Yes definitely, I aim to record more material there and also to play in other states such as Nashville.


Who have you enjoyed working with?
I really enjoyed working with Jeff Hill, the talented producer of my brand new EP. Jeff is also a consummate bass player and has played with the likes of Rufus Wainwright and Teddy Thompson and he really understood where I was coming from musically. I'm so happy with how it sounds.

What’s playing on your iPod at the moment?
A mix of old and new favourites; Kings of Convenience, Sufjan Stevens, Ryan Adams, Whitest Boy Alive, Phoenix, Morrissey, The Cure, New Order.

How is it being back in Norfolk and what will you be doing while you are here?
Here I can regroup and put energies into writing and drawing from my travels and experiences. I will also be busy promoting my new release doing local and national press and booking UK gigs, radio sessions and festivals.

What can we look forward to with the new EP?
It's a mix of acoustic songs and band songs, still my melodic style but has a folk-pop influence. First track 'Reminders' has a slightly darker feel with some beautiful cello and double bass from Jeff. There's also a really summery pop song and a heartfelt ballad with some haunting piano. A couple of the songs are me reflecting on my time so far in NYC.

What plans or goals, musically and personally, do you have for the future?
Immediate plans are to promote the EP as much as I can and I just want to continue to release material, tour and collaborate with musicians that I admire. Personally I would love to travel even more as it is so inspiring for a writer.

Lisa Redford's Norwich…

Favourite restaurants and pubs? I really like cafe bars as they're relaxing places to chat, have a bite, and meet friends. I like Pulse cafe bar, Workshop cafe bar and The Bicycle shop.

Ideal night out? Seeing a film at Cinema City or catching some live music. Had a great night at the UEA recently seeing Two Door Cinema Club, there was a brilliant atmosphere.

Favourite venue? Norwich Arts Centre. Not only have I seen some excellent acoustic and Americana artists but I've played a lot of memorable sold out gigs there.

Favourite shops? I like going around the many shops in Chapelfield Mall, especially the Mac store and House of Fraser.

Favourite place to walk? Foxley wood is so tranquil that it's a great place to take a long walk and really recharge.

Favourite building or view? The gazebo at Sheringham Park for a wonderful view of the coast.

Where would you take visitors for a day out? Around the many shops of the city centre, a wander around the cathedral and Elm Hill. Then going for a lovely meal at the Library restaurant.

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