Pair your wine and chocolate this Easter

There’s a sense of spring in the air, the daffodils are in full bloom, Easter is on the horizon and, if you’re a bank holiday fan, you’re probably rather excited! Isn’t life marvellous! On the other hand, if you like to over indulge in chocolate and you tried so hard to halt your addiction by making it one of your New Year’s resolutions, but failed at the first hurdle, this is probably a welcome relief! The luxury of two bank holidays, coupled with the impending visit of a certain furry friend, makes it the ideal opportunity for loved ones to pay us a visit. 

Everyone will probably hold their own memories of this time of the year, but for me, when I think of Easter I think about one thing, chocolate. I’m sure we all have vivid memories as a youngster of taking part in a local egg hunt, whether it is at the house of a family member or at an event held in your local community. Whilst other family members enjoyed breakfast in the usual way, my cousins and I would be chomping away upstairs unbeknown to the others. The evidence was clear to see; a kaleidoscope of foil wrappers, chocolate trampled into carpet and the requirement for a wet flannel to the face. Maybe the Vax too. 

The idea of pairing wine and chocolate was a fairly recent innovation and we have the South Africans to thank for this discovery, when Kevin Arnold of Waterford wine estate in the Helderberg wine region matched their Shiraz with masala chai spices in dark chocolate. This was soon followed by their Cabernet Sauvignon and rock salt, once again with dark chocolate. 


Whether you opt for dark, white, milk or fruit-filled, there’s a wine for everyone. 

Rustenberg Straw Wine 

Very ripe grapes laid out on straw mats gives complexity to an exquisite dessert wine. The results is a sweet wine with characters of honey, peach, marmalade and lemon. Delicious with fruit-filled chocolate eggs. 


Denbies Noble Harvest

Lusciously sweet with fresh citrus and honeyed pineapple flavours. With a rich, yet elegant and well-structured body, this dessert wine has attractive citrus and botrytised honey notes. Try with chocolate and ginger. 

De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon 

Noble One is an Australian icon, made from very sweet and concentrated Semillon grapes, the use of which results in a luscious wine with flavours of peach and vanilla, and a slightly nutty character. This works beautifully with milk chocolate. 

Torres Floralis Moscatel Oro

Yet another great Torres wine benefitting from all the experience and fastidious attention to quality that Miguel Torres applies to his work. Try with white chocolate. 

Cockburn’s Fine Ruby Port 

This is a full-bodied port with ripe red fruit flavours and a fine structure. It has fresh cherry and raspberry aromas and a well-balanced palate with soft fruity flavours and a long elegant finish. Perfect with dark chocolate. 

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