Parker’s Tavern sells £250 a shot Watenshi Gin

Parker’s Tavern in Cambridge has announced it will be the only bar in the UK to serve the ‘world’s most exclusive gin’ – Watenshi.

Created by the Cambridge Distillery, a bottle of Watenshi gin retails at £2,000 a bottle, but customers at Parker’s Tavern can try the gin for a mere £250 per shot! 

You probably won’t want to ruin this one with a tonic. Head bartender of Parker’s Tavern, Seb Bouza, recommends drinking Watenshi neat so you can enjoy the notes of sweet citrus and spice, supported by bitter juniper and a long, complex finish. His team will serve each measure in a beautiful handblown Japanese glass.

The gin is made from the ‘angel’s share’ of Japanese Gin, which is normally lost to evaporation but preserved using pioneering distillation processes, with each batch only producing six bottles. 


Watenshi is presented in a striking decanter, finished with silver detailing by a jeweller whose other clients include Chanel, Tom Ford and De Beers.

Parker’s Tavern is located in University Arms Hotel and offers an extensive drinks and dining menu. 

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