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Revamping your home can add value when it’s time to sell – but each project should be evaluated to make sure the time and financial investment is going to pay off. Here are some tops tips from Simon Bradbury of Fine & Country Cambridgeshire on worthwhile renovation projects.

Worthwhile investments for your property are those where the costs are less than the projected increase in selling price. While this can be difficult to evaluate, particularly for more complex or bespoke projects, there are a few renovations that are highly likely to reap rewards. These may be worth considering before you put your property on the market.

Firstly, a fresh paint job can work wonders for your home, and this is often the cheapest option on the list. A fresh coat to both the interior walls and the exterior of your property can give the entire house a new lease of life. Externally this helps the property’s ‘kerb appeal’ offering a positive first impression when buyers come to visit. Internally it infers that the house has been looked after. Stick with neutral colours, as while you may be a fan of a scarlet or lilac feature wall, your potential buyers may not be. Neutral colours also tend to make rooms appear more spacious.

home decoratingThe kitchen, as one of the key rooms of a property, is next on the list as an area where investment can be justified. Prospective owners are often seeking a well-designed kitchen with modern amenities when they visit a house. Appealing kitchens can add 15 percent to the value of a house, a good figure to keep in mind if you are considering a refit. Remember to keep changes in line with the feel of the rest of the property. A country kitchen may not suit a modern apartment and vice versa. If a massive overhaul is out of the question, spruce up what you can. This could include replacing counters or bench tops, painting cupboards, or replacing worn fixtures and fittings.


Bathrooms are almost as important as kitchens. Updating a tired bathroom will definitely add value and you can generally recoup most of the costs. Like the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the home’s essential rooms, so make sure potential buyers are happy with what they find. The best colour schemes are again neutral and a second bathroom or ensuite if the house warrants it may be a sensible project, but not at the expense of losing a bedroom. Buyers are likely to look at the fixtures, storage, ventilation and water pressure. For properties suitable for older buyers it may be worth looking at installing easy access facilities.

Favourites like a loft conversion or conservatory can boost the value of a property as well as adding to the available living area. Be aware of how much garden you are stealing with any ground floor extensions as losing this space can have a negative impact, and always weigh up the possible uses of the space to determine the most valuable addition.

Finally, parking is one of the most requested features of a property. If there is the option to create an off-road or undercover parking area, you could be looking at an extra £10,000 when it comes time to sell.

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