Restaurant review: Giggling Squid

Giggling Squid restaurant review

This April, Thai restaurant chain Giggling Squid has launched their brand new ‘Little Tapas for Little People’ menu in their Norwich, Bury St Edmunds & Billericay restaurants. Nicole Ranaweera stopped by with her daughter to take a look…


Pranee Laurillard, owner and mum-of-three devised the menu to inspire kids to be more open minded with their food choices. “I love encouraging my kids to experiment with new dishes and ingredients. Hopefully they’ll be more open to a wider choice of food and cuisines when they grow up.”

As a mum who likes to see more than just chicken nuggets, fish fingers and chips on a children’s menu, I could not wait to take a look! After tasking my 4 year old daughter with the special role of Chief Taster, we stopped by the Norwich branch to test it out…


The children’s menu contains a good mix of finger foods, mildly spiced dishes and sweet treats. Whilst not extensive as the adult menu, there is a great selection which I imagine would suit most young tastes. Yes, kids can be extremely fussy (my eldest went through a stage of not eating anything red) but if yours is open to trying new things then Giggling Squid may well be the place for you.


My daughter opted for spring rolls and vegetable pad Thai noodles, followed by ice-cream for dessert. I would have liked her to try the roti as something different, but, as I’m sure many mums can emphasise, when there’s ice-cream on offer, literally nothing else will even be considered!

From a mum’s perspective, she seemed to really enjoy the food. Tactile finger food is always a big hit with her and slurping down noodles is of course great fun when you’re 4! We all know though that children are, without hesitation, glaringly honest so once she’d finished her food I got the low down from her point of view…

 “The spring rolls get a big thumbs up but the sauce was a bit spicy… and I love noodles but not the crunchy ones (she’s talking about beansprouts – she’s never liked beansprouts!). The ice-cream was really yummy scrummy though. That was my favourite” (as if there was ever going to be any doubt about that!)

When I asked her if she’d like to eat there again I was met with a “Not right now mummy, my tummy is full” which I figure can only be a good sign! We’ll definitely be returning though in the near future.


Giggling Squid is great for adults too – its menu offers a good selection of meat and vegetarian Thai dishes, from tapas to large dishes.

Little Tapas for Little People is available in Norwich, Billericay and Bury St Edmunds:

Giggling Squid’s new restaurant in Brentwood opens 17 May 2017.

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