The Rise of the Co-working Office

Co-working offices pop up across the East of England 

The way we work is changing. More than ever before many of us are choosing to swap the nine-to-five and 40-hour work weeks for a life of self-employment or freelance. With it comes flexible hours and holiday, and the opportunity to work where ever you wish.

The past decade has seen the era of bloggers and Instagramers make the coffee shop the millennial office, but as more employers let staff work from home and others become self-employed, there has been a new trend emerging; the co-working office.

Desks and office space to rent 

The concept allows individuals to rent desk space on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Working remotely can be isolating over time, and a co-working office allows the interaction, ideas and creativity that is sometimes needed within business. It’s also an attractive option for landlords and estate agents looking to fill property.


The co-working office is by no means a new concept, the model is widespread in cities across the world with companies such as We Work offering a global network of office space; 269 office locations in 59 cities to be exact, and growing!

Finally though, co-working offices have gone beyond city lines and are starting to emerge in market towns and villages, and the East of England is no exception. From small and intimate spaces such as The Common Room in the village of Newport, near Saffron Walden to Mantle Business Centres in Stansted, Cambridge, Duxford, Chelmsford and Stevenage, which offers hot desks from just £10 per day, the way we work is changing. With the option of home offices and co-working space, we can now have the best of both worlds!

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