How to shop the January sales

Top tips on how to shop the January sales

shutterstock_73481101Hell is about to break loose in retail, yes it’s the beginning of the Boxing Day sales. If you’re feeling brave enough to tackle the crowds, Kay Davidson, Style Director at, tells us how to invest our money wisely…

We all love that good buzz feeling from spending our hard earned cash on a little retail therapy. But does that sense of satisfaction of making a new purchase last? The big question is; will you regret it afterwards?

Typically January sales are the largest mark downs of the year but we are getting so used to year round offers it’s more confusing than ever to determine when is it the right time to buy something?

Here is a super simple question to ask yourself before you splurge any of your Christmas money or further max out your credit card because it seems everybody else is.


“Do you really need it?”

Sound daft? But how do you know if you do truly need it?

Here are some more questions to ask yourself :

  • Do I already possess a similar item in the same colour that is not worn out and in need of replacement?
  • What do I have that I can wear with it?
  • Where will I wear it?
  • How many times am I likely to wear it and consider the ‘cost per wear’?

Lets face it, there’s nothing better than a bit of retail therapy but it’s even better when you are making meaningful purchases confidently! Often less can be more satisfying than a large quantity of clothes, especially if less is also better quality and that item makes you look and feel amazing.

shutterstock_462400765Before you go shopping you should know what you are looking for and why. It is all down to the planning. If you find yourself time pressured for planning ahead or simply love a day out at the sales, at least ask yourself the simple questions above, before you rush to buy something new.

All too often, even taking the item home and trying it on again without the store ambience (or pressure you feel to make a purchase as everyone else seems to be grabbing armfuls of bargains,) can change what you initially thought was a great buy. And that’s because you are buying on impulse, rather than truly understanding what your style is, and then expressing it through what you wear.

When you know what you want and even more importantly, actually need, you get to enjoy looking and feeling fabulous every time you wear that item or even seeing those pieces of clothing in your wardrobe makes you smile, knowing you have made a great purchase.

So what about those items you have coveted and lusted over all season? By all means go seek and find and I hope they are there in the sales for you, because when you see it again and you still love it, it really is meant to be.

If there is only a larger size than you need, it might be possible to have it altered. Don’t kid yourself to buy a size smaller, if that is all that is left and then upset yourself because two months later you still can’t fit into it. If you have waited until sale time to buy it, buy it, have it altered and get wearing it and enjoy.

And that brings me onto the big investment pieces. These are luxury item pieces with hefty prices, such as fine jewellery, bags, coats etc. Even though these items are still expensive when on sale, they are of superior quality and can last for years or even a lifetime when looked after properly, so if it is on your wish list and ticks all the boxes this is great investment dressing.

Time and time again I have heard and even fell foul myself on the odd weak moment to the  ‘It was such a bargain I couldn’t say no.’ magnet. But how cheap is a bargain that you never wear? Not only does it result in money wasted but it also takes up valuable space in your wardrobe that could be occupied by something you wear and enjoy regularly.

Don’t get caught out this year in the winter sales if you don’t need anything. Shop wisely, enjoy a real bargain and avoid an expensive mistake.

Happy sale shopping!




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