Spring Fashion: Shop Your Wardrobe

Stylist Ruth Essex, discusses the latest trends for spring and how we can find them in our wardrobe.

I recently had the pleasure of attending the trends catwalk show at London Fashion Week to check out this year’s trends. So, what was there to see? 

Floral folk maxi dress, £44, www.cottontraders.com

The Pantone colour for 2020 is ‘Classic Blue’, which is a cross between navy and cobalt blue. It is a bright, bold colour, however, navy is not far off this and I have yet to meet a person who can’t wear navy. The cobalt version looks particularly refreshing with white and reminds me of those beautiful houses you see in Greek Islands like Santorini.

Polka dots and spots are everywhere; and, if you really want to be trendy then get your spots in a chiffon fabric. There were lots of sheer and see through sections on dresses and blouses, but for most of us, sheer sleeves and a lined bodice tends to be a more flattering balance. The joy of spots is that they don’t tend to date so you will be able to wear them again and again. I will be recycling a previous season chocolate brown blouse with big white spots on it, and pairing it with my white chinos, when the sun is shining.

Top £39, Skirt £75, Sandals £62, J by Jasper Conran,

We are going to be wafting about in sheer dresses too, but these are moody florals on dark backgrounds this time, rather than the usual white bases. For those of you who love comfort above all else, you will be delighted to see these dresses paired with trainers, ankle boots and flat sandals, so you can have style and comfort, again this year.


It feels a bit like previous year’s re-hashed fashions this spring and summer, so you should be able to shop your own wardrobe for some of these trends, then just add in the odd new piece that catches your eye. 

In my online style club, we focus on curating a longer-term wardrobe, rather than one full of fast fashion, quick hits that come and go within a season. You can find trends this spring that are more curated and offer a longer lifespan, producing better value for money, especially if you only buy what you truly love.  

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