Spring style

Do you want to be fashionable or stylish?

Although I work with style and fashion, they are not the same thing. Style is about an individual expressing their personality or mood through what they wear; whereas fashion is about clothing relating to a particular period in time. You can follow fashion and not be stylish, and indeed you can be stylish and not follow fashion. Or you may be both. It just depends what drives your sartorial choices.

Soft Longline Blazer, £190; Portofino Trouser, £115; Madina Raffia Slider, £75 –
Available at Jigsaw

Each season I am drawn to 2-3 items that I love and use these to upgrade my wardrobe.  As my style preference is predominately euro chic, I am less drawn to high fashion and more towards what suits my shape and colouring.  My main criterion is that I have to love it. I do love a tailored jacket and I have already purchased two for summer. 

One is gold cotton as I adore white and gold together and the other is a sunny yellow linen jacket.  I know yellow is not to everyone’s taste, but it doesn’t have to be to anyone else’s tastes, it just has to be to mine. And this is where fashion and style are so different. 

Spring summer campaign at Marks & Spencer’s

I will be wearing the jacket because I love it, and it expresses an element of my personal style; not because it is fashionable. Sometimes I even go off pieces I have if they do become fashionable, as I prefer not to look like I am following someone else’s style. 


Though summer still seems far away, I am already excited about wearing my new items and buying early in the season means I have time to play in my own wardrobe, mixing and matching, to create multiple outfits. If you only buy what you truly love, it makes you feel great and that leads to increased confidence and more authentic personal style. I try on lots, but strive to be discerning and buy little.

Get to know your own tastes and slowly evolve your wardrobe over time.   It will help you feel more stylish, which I personally value more highly than being a dedicated follower of fashion.

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