Sweet dreams at Hanbury Manor Marriot Hotel

In light of National Bed Month, we review the Sleep Experience at Hanbury Manor Marriot Hotel & Country Club

We’ve all been there, tossing and turning through the night. Our busy lives, stress, deadlines and in my case the added annoyance of a husband with man flu, means we’re a nation that’s just not getting enough sleep.

According to the NHS one third of the UK now suffers from a sleep problem, and 15.3 million NHS prescriptions were made for sleep medication in 2014. Last week I was averaging about three full hours sleep a night, the rest would be staring at the ceiling waiting for daylight. I was considering joining that 15 million stat, but thankfully Hanbury Manor came to my rescue with its ‘Sleep Experience’.

Marriot Hanbury Manor  Hanbury Manor golf course

In partnership with Duxiana Beds, Hanbury Manor Marriot Hotel & Country Club, located in Ware, Hertfordshire, have created the ultimate night’s sleep. The luxurious Prestige Room overlooking the golf course, features the Dux 818 bed, which on first impressions looks like a normal bed, but on closer inspection, pulling back the layers, it is actually made up of three separate mattresses.


Duxiana is a Swedish bed manufacturer, who have carried out extensive research to optimize your sleeping experience. Sleep can be categorised in four stages. Stages one and two you’re drifting in and out of consciousness, stage three your body produces delta waves and the heart and breathing reaches its lowest level, while stage four, or deep sleep, is the phase where certain areas of the brain become more active. This is a key area of sleep and Dux have shown that you can get an extra 10 per cent more deep sleep per night by using its High Performance Sleep System.

Before I put Dux’s research to the test, we made the most of Hanbury Manor’s facilities and headed for the spa. After a relaxing swim, sauna and steam, we freshened up and went for dinner at Oakes Grill. A bottle of wine and three delicious courses later, we retired to the room ready for a good night’s sleep.

Hanbury Manor Spa            Dinner at Hanbury Manor

Before snuggling down we put on the moisture serum from Rajeunir, which was provided to help our skin look as good as we’d feel when we woke up. Pulling back the Dux satin cotton covers and throwing myself onto the stacks of Xsleep pillows was the most amazing feeling after a long working week. It was a real, “ahh” moment.

It must have taken just minutes before I was out cold. I did wake once in the night but that was more likely to do with sleeping in a different environment and it was only for a mere minute or so before I was drifting back into the land of nod.

Dux beds    Duxiana Beds

The Dux 818 has nearly four times as many springs as a normal bed which offers deep sleep suspension and a Pascal cassette system, and it honestly does make a massive difference to sleep. The overall feel is more comfortable and cosy, so much so in fact, that I skipped breakfast in order to lounge in bed with a cup of tea!

After the best night’s sleep in a long time, we wrapped up and headed outside to explore the grounds of the beautiful Jacobean manor, before a quick work out in the gym. We then made the most of our time before lunch with more use of the spa facilities and an Ultimate Vitamin Glow facial. The hour treatment was so relaxing I drifted off at one point. I think it’s fair to say I was truly relaxed after my night’s sleep.

Spa stays at Hanbury Manor    Weddings at Hanbury Manor

In addition to its hotel rooms, spa and dining, Hanbury Manor is also a stunning wedding venue, which was clear to see from the three weddings taking place on a cold Saturday in February!

Before we departed we tucked into a traditional afternoon tea in the grand Oak Hall. A colourful delight of finger sandwiches and pretty cakes, it was delicious and a perfect way to end our stay.

afternoon tea at Hanbury Manor  best places for afternoon tea

The ‘Sleep Experience’ is certainly worth a try especially if you’re feeling sleep deprived. The only problem is my own bed now seems somewhat disappointing, and I’ve already been looking into buying my own Dux Bed!

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