Tails About Town: Doggy First Aid

It’s official, I’m a crazy dog lady. Last month my friend and I attended a day course at the Royal Veterinary College in Camden to learn the skills to help save our pups lives. After last winter’s cut paw dramas I wasn’t taking any chances so I spent my Saturday being taught how to wrap bandages, treat traumas and look for signs that Fletcher may be feeling under the weather.

We also learnt which foods are highly toxic and what we should do if they are consumed. My friends dog, Juno, had pretty much eaten everything on the list so she was well equipped to know it ends in a pretty big vet bill! We also practiced giving CPR on a toy dog; close the mouth and breathe into the dog’s nose.

The first aid training got me thinking, it’s all well and good that I’m spending my time and money to help Fletcher but what about me? Over the years I have sustained countless injuries caused by Fletcher. There was the time he got over excited about seeing another dog, wrapped the extender lead cord around my legs and pulled hard. It resulted in a bleeding rope burn across the back of my left leg – I have a permanent scar!


I have grazed my entire hand because he was too impatient for me to put on my wellies and dragged me across the stony driveway. I’ve bruised my coccyx on multiple occasions after slipping over on icy walks. I’ve twisted ankles in many rabbit holes. I get muddy sticks bashed into my legs at lightning speed on a daily basis. I’ve caught fingers in doors and lead catches. I’ve had splinters trying to get sticks out of his mouth. I’ve trod on endless sharp bones. And have you ever accidentally butted heads with a dog? Trust me, their skulls are hard enough to make you see stars!

There was also the occasion he went on a deer chase, causing my husband to trip over in a forest and badly sprain an ankle – he couldn’t walk for days. While he hobbled through the forest in the pouring rain, I frantically ran around crying thinking we’d lost Fletcher forever. Add to all this the general embarrassment and stress he causes unknowingly thanks to his cheeky cocker character and I’m starting to think it’s me that needs saving! However, would I have it any other way? Absolutely not!


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