Tails About Town: PetsPyjamas Petaway

Two big brown eyes looked at me from under my desk as I typed. Followed by a huff and a puff. Ok Fletcher, I get it, you’re depressed. Returning home after a week of fun at the new dog sitters and an extra week with a bandage on his injured paw was taking its toll. So what do you do with a sad spaniel? You take him on his very own PetsPyjamas petaway!


I’ve always loved PetsPyjamas for their pet accessories, and when I found out they were offering dog-friendly breaks I couldn’t wait to have a browse. However, it was a tough choice. There are over 2,000 dog-friendly hotels, cottages, manor houses, pubs with rooms and stylish B&Bs around the UK and Europe to choose from. Top of my checklist was somewhere within a three hour drive and an accommodation where Fletcher would be completely spoilt. All booked, we packed our bags and the next day headed to The Tewkesbury Park Hotel, on the edge of the Cotswolds AONB.


Views of the golf course at Tewkesbury Park Hotel

The hotel itself sits on top of a hill overlooking the golf course and miles of pretty parkland. Hats off to the interior designer as the décor is super stylish throughout, there’s a small spa with a swimming pool, sauna, steam room and outdoor hot tub, but best of all pets are truly spoilt. On arrival Fletcher was fussed by staff despite the fact he was jumping around, squealing with excitement and generally embarrassing us.

Tewkesbury Park Hotel, Spring 2016

Our room had a doggy bed, water and food bowl, treats and a welcome gift from PetsPyjamas – something all four-legged guests receive with a PetsPyjamas break. Fletcher is still squeaking the toy that came with it three weeks later!

dog friendly room at Tewkesbury Park Hotel

There’s plenty of local walks. Just outside the entrance of the hotel is a playing field which was ideal for giving Fletcher a quick run to stretch his legs, after all it doesn’t matter how far he walks, he simply doesn’t have an off switch!

Tewkesbury offers plenty of dog walks and places to visit

Tewkesbury itself has a beautiful cathedral and riverside walk, though we couldn’t let Fletcher off as the current was fast flowing and I didn’t fancy chasing him down stream.

Enjoy a visit to nearby Broadway

We took a trip to nearby Broadway, a typical picture perfect Cotswolds village. The pubs were dog-friendly and welcoming, cute tea rooms had a vintage vibe and limestone fronted shops decorated with bunting lined the streets – most of which were dog friendly but only if dogs were carried – sure, guys, I’ll just pop my hyper spaniel that’s half my size under my arm, no chance!

Dining at the hotel was a highlight of the trip. Fletcher was allowed to dine with us, and even had his own swanky bed next to our table. He also got his very own table service; chicken and gravy for dinner, and sausage and scrambled egg for breakfast, which he wasted no time chomping down. I just hope he doesn’t expect this service at home – his doggy cereal is going to seem very boring from now on! It also kept him occupied while we ate our own tasty food.

I loved that the hotel offered an amazing dog-friendly service, it went above all expectations and the staff treated Fletcher as a guest in his own right. Providing a bed, bowls and food also meant we didn’t have to worry about packing for him as he often has more stuff than us on a mini-break – honestly you’d be shocked how much stuff a spaniel needs for two nights away!

Once returning home, Fletcher was back to his happy go lucky self, proven by the fact he refused to come in from the garden as he wanted to play his new favourite game of ‘fetch the stone’…but that’s a whole other story!

If you’re thinking of booking a pet friendly break this summer check out more of PetsPyjamas lovely destinations at http://www.petspyjamas.com/travel-edit/


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