Tails About Town: Sociable spaniel

Dogs will always fascinate me. I love how, like humans, each has their own personality and characteristics. Some are quiet and retiring, others bold and daring, Fletcher is…let’s say sociable, very sociable. He is everyone’s friend; dogs, humans, cats, pheasants; if it has a pulse then it’s Fletcher’s best bud.

I’m happy he has bundles of personality and is willing to socialise, I’m not sure I could cope with a dog that was hostile, but sometimes he crosses the line of being too friendly and I cringe with embarrassment. Recent escapades that have left me blushing are when he sat with a family in the pub for dinner. He actually parked himself on a bench at the table and waited for the leftovers of fish and chips. Another was when he joined in a football match in the park.

One of his latest habits is jumping into people’s cars. Whilst on holiday he hopped into a campervan and made himself at home on the sofa and more recently he jumped into the back of the car of a carer who visits an elderly couple in the village. Luckily on both incidents those who had found themselves with a new dog, thought it was funny. I’m not sure how I explain to a dog not to get into cars with strangers!


It’s my own fault really. From 12 weeks old I have made him socialise with other dogs and people. Puppy training, playdates and one of our first outings, a puppy party at the vets. While the other puppies hid behind their owners legs quivering, Fletcher ran around the room, skidding from one side to the other, knocking the other puppies off their little legs before taking a poop in the middle of the circle. I should of known then he was going to be extra hard work!

Other early days out included a Macmillans coffee morning hosted by my aunt where Fletcher jumped from lap to lap for cuddles before collapsing from exhaustion mid-hole dig in the middle of her lawn. His love for everyone and ability to settle anywhere has meant he never misses out. He comes everywhere with my husband and I and is often the centre of attention at BBQs and parties. He is a regular visitor to the eastlife office too where he spends the day removing all rubbish from the bins!

I’m aware that not everyone likes dogs and the idea of a spaniel bounding up to some people, tongue out, tail wagging is terrifying so I am cautious when out and about, but luckily we’ve not yet come across anyone that hasn’t been bowled over by those big brown eyes.



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