Tails About Town: Stinky Spaniel

It’s that time of year; rainy days, crunchy leaves and muddy paws!

Anyone who owns a dog knows from time to time they…errr stink! Dog odour is one of my biggest fears. I’m house-proud. I clean obsessively and I like things neat and tidy. The thought of my home smelling like a dog panics me. I’m forever asking friends if the house smells of wet dog, to which they always say no, I hope they’re telling the truth. 

A smelly dog is not something I had thought about when my husband and I decided to buy a Cocker Spaniel. However, his nature means Fletcher is often a moulting, stinky and dirty dog. Every day he is walked for miles in the field and forest where he’ll run through mud, jump into water and rustle through bushes. He usually pops out with leaves and twigs stuck in his fur…then screams when you pull them out!

He’s clumsy too. If there’s paint, he is guaranteed to be covered in it. If there’s mud, he’ll ensure he is belly deep. On the beach he often has a face full of sand. I don’t know how he manages to get into such a mess, especially as there are some dogs, such as my mums, who walk around puddles. Fletcher jumps in them with all his might. He is the ultimate mucky pup. 


At this time of year with the rain, mulch and sticky mud, we end each walk with a hose down and drying of the paws. He knows the routine and even stands and lifts each paw, but only for me, he’d rather make my husband chase him around the garden with a towel. He goes to the groomers every six weeks for a wash and cut. However, there are still paw prints around the house, watermarks from shaking up the wall and dog hair everywhere despite the fact I sweep and hoover every day – seriously how is Fletcher not bald? 

Would I have it any other way? Absolutely not, but I do my best to hide his scent. Other than repeatedly cleaning and spraying Frebreze, I’ve tried my fair share of scented candles. 

At this time of year, as the nights draw in, a candle is perfect for making the home nice and cosy. Earlier this year I discovered Candl-ibrium; a family run company located in Hitchin that create candles especially for masking dog scents.

I tried the coconut, lavender and eucalyptus. The scents are powerful and only need to be burned for a maximum of 30 minutes to an hour to make an impact. They’re great for summer use too to warn off mozzies.

If you’re looking to fill your home with natural fragrances and to hide that wet dog smell that comes with this time of year then I highly recommend. Their black pomegranate and orchid noir scents would be lovely and warming for winter.

The candle wax also washes out of soft furnishings should they get knocked over…yes, there was an incident. I’m not sure who is to blame, Fletcher or my husband, both looked guilty, but that’s a whole other story!

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