Tails About Town: The perfect dog sitter

I think it’s clear by now that Fletcher is deeply loved by my husband and I. Our life revolves around his needs and happiness. He is our whole world. A statement that I repeatedly and loudly told a nursing team and entire hospital ward, after I came around after a dose of anaesthetic…how embarrassing! What can I say, I’m petite, drugs affect me more than the average person, and I really do adore my puppy! I must of given everyone a good old chuckle!

However, with so much love for our darling dog, it makes finding someone to look after him when we go on holiday quite challenging. It’s like trusting someone with a little piece of our heart. We’ve had multiple dog sitters in the past and they have all been great, but I can tell from the look on his face when he returns that he hasn’t been entirely happy. On occasion he has been accused of doing naughty things or humping, which I still don’t believe to be true. Yes, I’m that mother that believes her child (read dog), can do no wrong!


Finally though my prayers have been answered, I’ve found the Mary Poppins of the dog world. Let’s call her Mrs Z. She lives on a farm with her family and three dogs, and Fletcher fits perfectly into her lifestyle. Days are spent running around the meadow and playing chase with the children. His fallen head over heels for her six month old cocker spaniel puppy called Boo. In the evening he enjoys snuggles on the sofa as part of the family.

She sends me daily videos of him leaping through the fields with Boo or playing tug of war with the children. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that while I relax on holiday, I can be assured Fletcher is also having his very own fun-filled getaway.

When I arrived to pick Fletcher up after two weeks the look of disappointment on his face was undeniable. Despite having the best dog life possible with me, I think he would of happily stayed forever. Mrs Z admitted she’d fallen for his charm and even shed a tear at seeing him leave.

It warmed my heart to see how she had cared for him as her own. My mum maintains she was probably crying with relief (she’s not a fan of Fletcher’s energy & mucky paws). However, it’s simply impossible not to be completely swept away by his spaniel soppiness!






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