Tails About Town: Doggy drama

Written by Emma Kemsley 

Oh what a month we’ve had. There’s been non-stop doggy drama, and the story went something a little like this…

On a cold, but beautiful Monday, I wasn’t quite feeling myself. Encouraged by my husband to get some fresh air, I accompanied him and Fletcher on the afternoon walk around the field by our home. A walk we’ve done almost twice a day for the last three years. Fletcher enjoys jumping through the brambles and forest and chasing sticks at super speed across the muddy fields, finished with a mucky wash in the stream. It was a day like no other.


Half way through the walk, Fletcher some distance ahead, I noticed drops of blood on the leaves. My husband assumed it was an injured animal, as we walked it got thicker, and then we saw Fletcher drop to the floor, frantically pulling at his leg. By the time we reached him he was in a pool of blood, which was pouring from his left paw. I’m squeamish, I’ve never seen so much blood and it’s an image I will never be able to remove from my mind.

By the time I had flapped and screamed, my quick thinking husband had whipped my scarf off and used it to try and stop the bleeding. I dashed across the muddy fields to fetch the car from home. I’m not a runner, but somehow that I afternoon I forgot that I was unwell and became an Olympic athlete.

At one point I threw my coat to the ground, and by the time I got to our drive I was shoeless – my wellies were slowing me down! Dramatic maybe, but my puppy needed me, I really did think he was going to bleed to death. I fully admit that I looked like a lunatic when I rocked up in the vets with no shoes, crying, looking like an extra from the cast of the Walking Dead!

Thankfully Fletcher was fine. He had slit the skin between his paw pad on some flint. After being put to sleep to be stitched up, he had to sport a bandage and plastic cover for the next two and a half weeks. The vet told me Fletcher would probably be sleepy after the anaesthesia (I was kind of looking forward to the peace), but ha, fine chance of that. He returned home bouncing around as normal. There’s no stopping this Cocker! I was clearly far more traumatised than him.

Unfortunately, the injury did put a dampener on our weekend in Norfolk as the paw wasn’t allowed to get wet. It meant no beach runs which led to several Spaniel strops. Well, that was until he escaped from the car in Blakeney and jumped straight into the algae filled Quay. My friend said it was like watching a slow motion film as my husband and I screamed “Fletcher, Noooooooooooo!!!!” with our hands in the air chasing after him. That phrase could be Fletcher’s anthem – I shout it at least every other day! To make matters worse, his new doggy pal Luna fell in, then Fletcher rolled on a dead Pheasant! 

The whole experience has made me rather thankful. Thankful to have Fletcher, thankful that I wasn’t alone on that walk, thankful for the lovely lady at Wells Pet Store who changed his wet dressing and finally, very thankful for pet insurance!

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