Ten must have foods in Cambridge you probably didn’t know existed

The Duke of Cambridge

Of course, everybody has heard or has had the Chelsea bun from Fitzbillies. But did you know that they produce another famous biscuit?

It is rather Royal actually. The Duke of Cambridge is named after Prince William, who is the Duke of Cambridge. This light chocolate biscuit is very popular with the Royal family. When Prince William and Catherine got married, they had a stunning wedding cake, but all this chocolate biscuit. It reminded him of his childhood as the chef of the palace used to make it for him. The day after the wedding, the palace released the recipe and a year later, Fitzbillies decided to make it and call it the Duke of Cambridge.



Branston Pickle Pie

Without a doubt, the best pies in Cambridge are sold by the Cambridge Cheese Company. They are made by a local family, and the mother, who is well in her 80s is still involved. They also make a pie especially created for the Cambridge Cheese Company, the pork pie with Branston Pickle. Our favourite pie in Cambridge!


Green falafel

I can hear you thinking now. Green falafel? Yes, indeed. It is made fresh every day by traders on the market, and is one of the favourite stops on our food tours! They soak the chickpeas overnight in water, the next day they mix it with a hint of spice, sesame seeds and parsley. Then put it in the blender, hence why it turns green!

Dessert at Dulcedo Cambridge

Designer cakes and chocolates

Last year Joanna and Andrew opened Dulcedo Cambridge on Hills Road. Andrew has lived in Aukland and worked for many years as pastry chef at Clare college. His pastries and chocolates are a piece of art, almost too pretty to eat. But you should as they are delicious!


Gluten-free Scotch eggs

Are you a lover of Scotch eggs, but have to follow a gluten-free diet? Not a problem at all. The Scotch Egg Company on the market is now making their own gluten-free Scotch eggs and they are yummy!


Whisky cheese

I am a big fan of ‘their sister cheese’ too. Cheese soaked in Barolo. This Italian producer is making a delicious hard Whisky cheese. I am a big fan of it, you only need a small slice as it is quite strong. If you like Whisky, then you should head over to Culinaris asap.


Pani Puri 

These delicious round puffs are an Indian street food. It could be filled with anything but should be eaten as soon as it has been filled to avoid it going soggy. The Tiffin Truck sells it as a starter and they serve it with a spicy mint sauce. I highly recommend instead of Popadoms.

Maison Clement. Credit Hidden Cambridge
Maison Clement. Credit Hidden Cambridge

Truffl e Croque Monsieur

Yes, indeed. Truffle Croque Monsieur has come to town. Head over to Maison Clement on Hills Road. A warning needs to be given, that it is rather filling and you might want to go for a work out afterwards.


Craft beer from a Micro brewery

Craft beer is hugely popular. You can find many breweries dotted around Cambridge. Calverley Brewery is still one of the best-kept secrets. Just off Mill Road on Hooper Street, they produce the best craft beer in Cambridge. Open on Thursday and Friday evening and Saturday all day. Enjoy a pint of craft beer with a good serving of local craft beer and you’ll be in for a winner.

The Nufood machine
The Nufood machine

Printed food

Imagine creating your own food! Nūfood printing is the future of food. Get your Nūfood app out, simply tap on the design and the app creates your own food. The only thing you need is one of their nifty machines. These funky creations will definitely steal the show!

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