The Biggest Interior Trends 2019

We list the hottest interior trends sweeping the nation in 2019

As we enter the New Year, it’s exciting to look forward to the interior trends of 2019; where we can begin anew and explore new ways to reinvent our homes.

It’s for this reason property specialists, have explored the interior trends favoured by different regions across the UK (in 2017), in addition to discovering what interior trends have been most popular in 2018, and what we can swap them for in 2019.

To achieve this, Sell House Fast analysed a report by Homewings titled: The Homewings Interiors Trend Report 2018.’ The report reviewed over 13,000 style quiz surveys across the UK.



Interestingly, discovered there are definite, regional design preferences. For residents in the middle of England, a traditional take on ‘Scandi’ was a personal favourite; minimalism and muted hues is key. Similar interior trends can be mapped in the South West and East Anglia.

While ‘modern tradition’ suits residents in the South West; the ultimate balance between style and comfort, East Anglian residents take it one step further with ‘country chic’; a shabby-yet-stylish look, enhanced with delicate colour schemes.

 2018 Trends to Transform in 2019

 SellHouseFast selected five of the biggest trends with inspiration from Livingetc and Elle Décor in 2018 and sourced alternatives to swap them for in 2019.


With copper fading fast in 2017, brass became the metal finish to experiment with in 2018.

In 2019, swap it for: CONCRETE. All things industrial will be a big trend in 2019. Tough yet practical, concrete is a great addition to the home, especially in the bathroom. If you’re worried it will look too utilitarian, don’t forget it can be polished down for a sleek, smooth finish.


 Luscious velvet has been seen everywhere in 2018, most notably in sofas and soft furnishings

In 2019, swap it for: PASSEMENTERIE. Passementerie is the art of making elaborate trimmings or edges; think fringing and tassels. Sumptuously retro, this trend will be seen in vibrant colour combinations and unusual shapes. It’s the perfect way to accessorise a plain background and adds a fabulous, flirty feel and texture too.

Terracotta and Rust

Bold and non-conformist, tones of terracotta and rust featured in many homes this year.

In 2019, swap it for: HONEY AND NUDE. 2019 will call for a far more elegant palette of warm, autumnal shades that will melt into the New Year. Utterly warming shades of classic cashmere, sand and oatmeal are the perfect place to start.

Dark Stain Wood

 Glamourous, 70s style dark stain wood was a prominent theme in furniture throughout 2018.

In 2019, swap it for: CRITTALL. Irrevocably English, Crittall lends itself to 2019’s industrial trend and emanates an edgy and versatile feel. It’s about urban dwellings that are multi-purpose; metal framing can effortlessly transform a space and let in light. The trend will be seen everywhere from doors, to room dividers and shower screens! 

Terrazzo Floors

With its many colour combinations, alternative flooring made an impact in 2018.

In 2019, swap it for: SCALLOPS AND SCALES. In 2019, interiors will dive into the ocean (thank Sir David Attenborough for this trend!) Curved, scalloped furniture will be a big trend in living spaces and bedrooms. While mermaid and fish scale tiles will breathe life into every bathroom or kitchen surface.



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