The Cambridge Foodie: Tasty Alternatives for Christmas

The Cambridge Foodie: Tasty Alternatives 

I can hear you think, there we go again, a lecture about what we can and cannot eat. No! On the contrary, just like you, I do get tired of this discussion. We need to make conscious decisions, but we shouldn’t tell others what we can and can’t do. The problem is that we are made to feel guilty at the moment. There is always somebody around who doesn’t agree. We should cherish food in whatever form or shape. My face lights up when I see a tasty plate of food prepared with love. It doesn’t have to be fancy so anything from street food to posh nosh!

I am not a big meat eater so if I do make the choice to have it, then it has to be outstanding quality. Hence why I buy with independent stores and on the market. When I travel I do exactly the same. I love a bit of banter and it is always great to catch up on the local food scene. The other day we stayed in Malton, Yorkshire, and I spotted herb fed chicken. Looking into it I discovered that they are fed on herbs. It is so tasty that you don’t even have to season it, which is pretty amazing I think. At the time of writing this article, it wasn’t available locally yet, but was delighted to see that Malloy’s Craft Butchery is stocking it now.

Just before I holidayed in Yorkshire we had an extended family meal at one of our local favourites, Restaurant 22. One of the courses was JAGYU© beef. Not to be confused with the wellknown Waygu beef. JAGYU© is a Dawe Estates premium beef brand. Their special Wagyu/Jersey hybrid animals bring the taste qualities of Wagyu to the surplus calves of their partners Jersey dairy herd. Wagyu and Jersey both have natural intramuscular fat ‘marbling’ that gives extra flavour to the meat and is guaranteed never to have had antibiotics. Both available from Malloy’s Craft Butchery.



The last two innovative products are from one of our local farm shops, The Gog Farm Shop. On their centenary celebrations, they served deliciously spiced cauliflower rosettes, which they marinate themselves. It is not just perfect for a vegan or vegetarian alternative for the BBQ, but as a pre-dinner snack or side dish too.

Marcus Bradford, operations director at The Gog, told me that he was working on a vegan sausage roll, including healthy ingredients such as lentils. At the time of writing, it was still in the development stage, but I am sure it is on sale now – you can count on a fantastic tasty sausage roll!

I often get asked about my favourite restaurant in Cambridge. It all depends on my mood, but I do love alternative dining options such as pop-ups. There was a time that there were many around and then they all disappeared. I am glad that there is a booming pop-up dining scene again. Wondering where they take place? Check out their social media accounts for more information.

Here are some of my favourite dining options:

Thirsty & Hungry |

Cambridge Cookery school |

Baked by Romano’s |

Gourmandises Academy |

Calverley Brewery |

FoodPark |

Off The Beaten Truck |

68 Market Street |

Parker’s Tavern |

Cafe Foy |

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