The Doorway To Successful Selling

Your front door is the very first thing potential buyers will see so it’s vital this gateway to your home makes, and not breaks, viewings. Mark Wood, Director of Bradshaws Residential explains how to make the right kind of entrance.

Whether it’s people, places or houses, first impressions last. Create a positive vibe before a buyer walks into your home and you could be well on the way to making a sale. Greet them with an unattractive entrance though and you might as well cancel the tour before they’ve even rung the bell.

Viewers really can make their minds up before they’ve even set foot inside a property so the easiest way to transform a tired entrance is to stand outside your front door yourself. Examine it closely and pick out all the flaws, from flaky paint to scuff marks and dirty ornaments.


Get out the brushes and give your door a brand new lick of paint. Polish brass ornaments like door knockers or letter box flaps and clean glass panels. If any fixtures, elements or the door itself are in a really poor state, replace them.

You may also want to spruce things up around the door by displaying your house number in a stylish way or livening up your porch with some attractive plants and sophisticated lighting.

But do be wary of going too far with extra decoration and make sure you stick to a consistent style. While a brass knocker or kick-plate can add a touch of class, make sure it fits in with the general feel of your property. Also, remember that not everybody finds garden gnomes and statues appealing so you may want to remove these from sight. And definitely avoid any kind of novelty doorbell!”

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