The Five Piece French Wardrobe

Could you implement the ‘Five Piece French Wardrobe’ concept?

This month I want to introduce you to the ‘Five Piece French Wardrobe’. My initial thought on this concept was you have to be joking? How can someone live with just five pieces in their wardrobe?

However, the concept doesn’t just advocate only wearing five items plus basics. The idea is that each season, you only add five new statement pieces to your wardrobe. You are given free rein to replace underwear and basics like a white t-shirt for example; however, coats, jackets, trousers, skirts, shoes etc. have to be purchased as part of the five limit. Some strict advocates of this regime even suggest that accessories are included in this. As someone with a mild handbag addiction, this I knew I couldn’t manage that.

Downsizing has been a gaining momentum for the last few years, so maybe this concept has potential? Imagine if you did restrict yourself to five items, then you would choose them very carefully, and would avoid whim purchases that may well sit unworn in the back of your wardrobe.  We have all done this. 


If you only buy what you truly love, then you will not be able to wait until you wear it. And, you will want to wear it again and again. So, quality becomes more important as you need something that will not stretch out of shape after the first three washes, or bobble, or shrink. You could probably spend a little more on each item because you wouldn’t be buying half loved shopping fillers. There would be planning, exploring, trying on, and execution. Quite exciting really; the shopping hunter…..

And over time you would have more and more items that you truly love.  If you work on five items per season, then after just two years you would have 40 items you truly love.  That is something that is worth considering. Having done rather a lot of client wardrobe sorts, I know whilst there are treasures to be found, not many clients can say they have 40 items they are excited to wear. And although I initially thought this idea was madness, it has merit and I think is worth consideration.

If you took on this challenge and could only pick five items you love this season, what would you chose?


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