The Trend for Celebrant Ceremonies

Learn more about the wedding trend for outdoor, personalised and celebrant-led ceremonies. 

After the hot summers we keep having, it’s no surprise that outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular. What could be more romantic than saying your vows in a beautiful garden, wild meadow or an ancient woodland?

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Outdoor wedding ceremonies 

Even though legal and religious ceremonies impose restrictions when it comes to the great outdoors, the good news is that if you opt for a celebrant-led ceremony and the weather is favourable then all of this is possible because then, you can not only hold your wedding whenever and wherever you want to, you can also have a truly personalised, unique and utterly individual wedding ceremony. Now that’s the ultimate in romance for sure.

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Wedding celebrants

Wedding celebrants are increasingly popular with many couples (100% of my weddings in 2019 were conducted by celebrants!) and for good reason. Not only do celebrants work with you to create a personal ceremony that’s yours and yours alone, they can also conduct wedding ceremonies at any time and in any location…hence their rapid growth in popularity.

Celebrants can’t legally marry you so if you opt for this style of ceremony then you’ll still need to attend a registry office to complete the formal paperwork but after that, you can do what you like. Celebrants conduct weddings in family gardens, at stunning venues that do and don’t have civil licences and, most frequently, in the great outdoors.


Not only do you then get an unlimited choice of venue, you also get a ceremony that will be completely unlike any other. Your celebrant will work with you to create your ceremony – you can include (or exclude) any religious or symbolic elements that you like, you can choose any music that you like and in short, you can do anything that you like!

Your celebrant will write a script for your ceremony that speaks to you and, most importantly, says everything about your marriage that you want to say.

And this right here, this option to say what’s in your heart and what’s important to you in a setting and time of your own choosing is why we’re seeing such a significant change in the way couples now say ‘I do’.

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Katrina Otter is a Cambridgeshire based wedding planner and event organiser with over 10 years’ experience.


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