Top five tips for dog grooming

Keeping a furry coat looking its best can be a tough job. Luckily there are some well-established dog groomers available across the region to help keep our pooches looking pristine.

Dog grooming

Sarah Savell, owner of Hampstead Hounds near Saffron Walden, shares her advice on what all dog owners should take into consideration when their dog is in need of a trim….

Top 5 tips for dog grooming for all dog owners:

  1. Know your dog’s grooming requirements – Whether you are choosing a new puppy or already have a well-loved pet do some research into the coat type and requirements of keeping it in a top condition. There are five main coat types, which are; wire, wool, smooth, double/combination and silky coat. Each of these types require specific care.


  1. Introduce grooming at home – Get your dog used to being brushed all over, including the belly and the feet (as these can be more sensitive areas). It is good practice to brush your dog regularly at home. As well as allowing you to bond further with your dog it provides an opportunity for you to check for any changes in your dog’s health and condition.


  1. Choose a good grooming salon – The best way to find a good groomer near you is to ask around and get recommendations. I would also advise to check that the groomer is qualified and insured appropriately. Discuss your individual requirements when booking your first appointment to ensure you are happy with the services offered.



  1. Groom your dog regularly – Regular grooming can provide many health benefits on top of a smart looking dog. Grooming provides a chance to check for growths, swellings, skin conditions, wounds, grass seeds and parasites (including ticks). Regular nail trimming helps keep the paws healthy and ear plucking and cleaning will reduce the chance of infection. Different coat types require differing amounts of grooming and appointments at a salon can be needed from as frequently as every six weeks. Allowing your dog’s coat to become matted can result in your groomer having to clip the hair short.


  1. Talk to your groomer – Advise your groomer of any health or temperament issues that may affect the grooming appointment. Think about how you would like your dog to look beforehand and remember pedigrees do not have to be groomed to breed standard and in regards to cross breeds there are no guidelines so good communication between owner and groomer is the key to a great cut.

Sarah caters for all breeds. To book an appointment email [email protected] or visit her Facebook page

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