Visit Cambridge launches free app for visitors

Visit Cambridge has launched a new mobile application for visitors, available for free on iPhone and Android smartphones.

The Official Cambridge Visitor App will help visitors explore the city on the go by enabling them to access the latest and most essential information about Cambridge, such as attractions, shopping, dining options and events – all at their fingertips.

Emma Thornton, Chief Executive of Visit Cambridge, said: “Visitors to Cambridge will now have an opportunity to experience the city in a new way, which will broaden its appeal to more technologically-motivated audiences.”


The app will also enable visitors to plan and create their own personal itinerary and, in addition, will offer live official ticket sales for major attractions, including punting on the River Cam – allowing visitors the chance to purchase e-tickets on the go, without having to print them off.

Other easy-to-use features include live travel information and a what to do for free in the city guide.

Cambridge attracts more than 7.6 million visitors a year. Recent figures reveal how the contribution to the Cambridge economy from tourism has increased by 34 per cent to £783m, in the last four years.

The app is available to download via Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store

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