Wedding Details & Décor

Find out what to include & how much to spend on your wedding decor 

Details and décor – these are two things that really bring your wedding style to life. The decor that you choose can transform your venue and the personal details will ensure that your wedding day is a true reflection of you, your partner and your relationship. 

It’s easy to overlook the importance of details and decor and it’s just as easy to under-estimate how much of your budget you might need to allocate to get the look that you want. With this in mind, here’s my guide to what you need to include and how much you can expect to spend on your wedding details and decor.


Firstly, when you compile your budget, how much have you allowed for decor? It’s important to remember that decor is more than just flowers, you might want to hire chairs, tableware, additional lighting or personalised signage. You also need to think about favours, table plans, your guest book or photo booth and even candles and festoon lights. Once you know how much you’ve got to spend on All of your décor and details, break the various elements down and start to allocate your cash.



However, before you start buying, hiring and getting excited on Pinterest, think about your priorities.  What’s super important to you? What’s essential vs. nice to have? Do you want tablecentres with the wow factor or a statement backdrop for your ceremony? Are you happy to forgo favours so that you can upgrade your cutlery and crockery? If you put everything in order of priority, you can make sure that there’s room in the budget for all of your must-haves and if there’s any money left over, you can add in a few of those ‘nice to have’ details too.

Do your research

A good place to start is Pinterest. Search for décor ideas that suit your wedding style and pin those that you love the most. From here, edit your board so that the vibe is consistent and then start to research suppliers and costs. One word of caution – remember that some of the images that you’ll see on Pinterest are from styled shoots or destination weddings and as a result they might not be available in the UK or practical for a real wedding. 


If you’re going to make any of the decorations and details yourself, allow plenty of time. There’s nothing more stressful than having to craft essential items in the days before your wedding. Enlist help, be realistic about what you can manage and don’t leave anything to the last minute.  Also, think about what you can re-use during the day – ceremony flowers for example can be moved to your wedding breakfast. Lastly, ask your venue what they include. Some have fairy lights, lanterns, fire pits, garden games and tealight holders that are available for you to use.

What’s needed?

Well, there’s no definitive answer to that question because every wedding and every couple is different and that’s what makes modern weddings so fabulous. Similarly, there are no rules about what you ‘should’ spend. Your budget, your list of priorities and the style of your wedding will all play a part but remember that what you include and what you spend it on are always your choice.

To help you think about your priorities and what you might choose, here are the most popular wedding details and décor:

  • Personal, ceremony and reception flowers – whether you want to go all out on flowers, or foliage is more your vibe I cannot stress how much this will transform your wedding and bring your wedding style to life
  • Ceremony – welcome and seating signage, ceremony backdrops, candles and confetti
  • Drinks reception – signage, table plans, seating / chill-out areas, guest comfort ideas such as wraps or baskets of essentials in cloakrooms, statement backdrops, personalised bars / drinking areas, displays of family photos and places for guests to leave cards and gifts
  • Wedding breakfast – table décor, tableware, linen, chairs, favours, place cards, table names / numbers (including holders), menus, candles, props, installations, hanging decorations and lighting
  • Evening reception – light-up letters, dancefloors, photobooths, lighting, guest books and guest treats such as gin bars and snacking stations.

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