Wedding Food Trends

Over the last few years, the food and drink served at weddings has undergone a significant transformation. Not only has the quality and creativity (thankfully) improved, there’s now more choice than ever before. Couples are also now taking more time to really think about the food and drink that they serve to their guests and the days of predictable menus are long gone. It’s also safe to say that the changes and creativity afoot are set to continue and in 2019 expect to see a rise in the following…

Vegan and vegetarian menus

Being vegetarian or vegan no longer means receiving an afterthought of a meal! Now, vegan and vegetarian menus are absolute showstoppers in their own right and the range of dishes and flavours are creative, appealing and delicious. No longer reserved for a few vegetarian guests, now meat-free menus are frequently served to everyone so if you’re a vegan or vegetarian couple, there’s really no need to provide alternatives. If you want to create a vegan wedding feast, go for it (and don’t forget the vegan wine and wedding cake either!). The same applies to dietary requirements and menus and as a nut allergy sufferer myself I’m rejoicing at the prospect of not being served a token fruit salad!


If you’d prefer a lighter option to meat, fish dishes are definitely on trend right now. Think whole salmon or beautiful fillets of flavoursome fish for your main course or even indulgent options such as lobster or scallops. 


Creating your own wedding day drink

In recent years couples have embraced the trend for creating their own special wedding day cocktails (His-n-Hers cocktails are still just as popular) however, couples are now taking drinks to the next level by creating their very own spirit to serve on their wedding day. 

Supercharged and luxe grazing

Why not let your guests graze instead of serving canapes or starters?! Luxe grazing tables, such as those created by Grape & Fig, feature artisan cheese, meats, dips, handmade breads, fruit, sweet treats, honeycomb and so much more spilling, tumbling, oozing and overflowing. Tables laden with the finest foods will give your guests something to enjoy, gather around and talk about for months to come. Grazing tables really are everyone’s new favourite and THE trend to watch.

Family style

Another welcoming and very popular idea for your wedding breakfast is to serve your main course ‘family style’.  A joint of meat and side dishes are bought to each table and guests can help themselves. One guest also takes on the job of carving for the table, complete with apron and chef’s hat! On a similar thread, comfort food is also making a comeback. Mouth-watering mac n cheese, curries, chillis and hearty, warming favourites are a great choice, particularly in winter.

Champagne tiers instead of wedding cakes

Finally, my favourite subject – fizz! Expect to see champagne tiers and towers as an Instagrammable highlight of weddings in 2019. And if cake isn’t your thing then how about substituting tiers of cake for tiers of bubbles?! 

Katrina Otter is a Cambridgeshire based wedding planner and event organiser with over 10 years experience. Find out how she could help you plan your wedding day at

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