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Stonham Barns Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday Car Boot + Easterfest

Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot on Sunday/Monday 17th/18th  April 2022
Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot – 98 sellers last week and rising slowly. This weekend is Easter Weekend so a Car Boot on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday and it looks like good weather too. You can obviously just turn up on the day (both days) without booking or you can pre book a covered stall and not worry about bringing tables or guaranteeing a place on the main field.
Buying is free as is Parking.
I’d had a few questions about when we actually start. We always used to start at 8am and most people do still turn up at 8am but, we get people arriving stupidly early onwards. So, it’s really up to you.
Also, I’m still looking for paid workers at the Car Boot so please get in contact with me if interested. Even if it’s the odd Sunday it’s great to have people available. Text me on 07817539168.
Our first events start this Sunday 17th April with the Country Music. The Car Boot will be open on the 17th April & BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 18th April. The car events begin in May. Events run at the same time as the Car Boot so an extra crowd always expected. The first one is Easterfest Country Music Festival on 17th April, Spring Break on 1st May 2022 Stonham Motorcycle Show on 8th May 2022, Stonham Barns Steam & Vintage on 22nd May 2022 
Prices have remained the same with selling at £6 for cars. Cars with trailers £8.50, Small Vans £8.50 and large vans £12 Vans with Trailers are also £12. There is NO NEED TO BOOKCovered Stalls are available for every Sunday/Monday but these do go very quickly as there are only 20. These ONLY can be pre-booked on 07817539168 (text to pre-book). These offer some shade to sellers as well as a tabletop & protection against wind & rain. These are on the main field and you pull in behind them and set up. Everyone else wishing to sell at Stonham can just turn up on the day.
Also, you don’t have to arrive at 6.30am as many don’t turn up until 8/8.30am that’s just the time we open. I really would prefer it if everyone turned up from 7am onwards as the Car Boot doesn’t liven up until after 8. We have enough space for everyone.
Everyone loves Stonham as its unbeatable when the weather is good. It has a great atmosphere and a knowledgeable friendly crowd made up of all ages. Families young and old, dog friendly and it caters for the disabled. You can still sell from Six Pounds right up to Twelve Pounds for Covered stalls. These are really a hit with the sellers as you can book by texting 07817539168 pull up behind set up and sell and pack up and leave at the end of the day. Alternatively we are still the cheapest in Suffolk so you can just turn up from 8am and sell and that’s every Sunday & Bank Holiday Mondays from April to November. We are also lucky to benefit from regular events at Stonham where the Car Boot crowd is often doubled & that’s on top of a very big buying crowd. Dates are these are visible on our website and updated weekly.
Again, a big thanks to the majority who followed the distancing and one-way routes and abide by our strict no harassment policy which is why Stonham Barns Car Boot is always such a friendly place to sell and buy at.
We let Buyers in at the same time as sellers but – please allow me to get everyone into position so please don’t hinder this and please don’t stand behind cars whilst they unload. No one is going to jump in and buy before you as it just isn’t that kind of car boot. The reason we have become so popular is because we don’t have people harrassing sellers. If anyone oversteps their mark we will stop buyers entering the field until gone 7am.
We are outdoors only but offer covered stalls. We will always try to open every week irrespective of the weather as we still get buyers and sellers.
Last thing – anyone bringing plants. You can if they are HOME-GROWN and you have other things as well. Please don’t bring plants only.
Stonham Barns Car Boot every Sunday
07817539168 for much more information on the Car Boot or [email protected]

Sunday, 17 April, 2022 to Monday, 18 April, 2022


Categories: Days Out, Entertainment, Family, Food and Drink, Music, Shopping

Times: 7am onwards till 1pm Sunday & Monday

Notes: No Booking needed just turn up on the day and sell from £6. Covered stalls are available to pre-book these are £12. These come with a table top and overhead cover. Text to pre-book these 07817539168

Price: From £6 up to £12 for a large van. Free to park and browse

Official website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1043453106599339


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