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Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot on 28th November – The last one this year

Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot and the last one this year. Almost 100 sellers last week and it was just starting to get going when it rained.. We have finally managed to be open on the same day as the Xmas Craft Market and we are expecting a really good crowd of sellers and buyers. This should be a great one to sell at as the Craft Fair is almost as popular as the Car Boot. We really are expecting lot of sellers and buyers on Sunday.
Really such a pity that it rained last Sunday as it was the busiest we’d been in a few weeks.
It’s obviously quite sad that this will be the last one this week but, the drop in temperature this week has shown us what to expect as we get closer to Xmas. Either way, come March or April (depending upon the fields) we will be back and I expect to see everyone back for another great year at Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot. I will advertise as early as I can about the starting point next year.
I’ll say it early but thank you for your continued support this year and I really appreciate every one of you for continuing to come week after week no matter the weather. That’s buyers as well as sellers. We’ve opened every Sunday and I think only one has been completely ruined.
This Sunday, as always, you can always just turn up on the day. NO BOOKING NEEDED. 
Covered Stalls are available for the last Sunday of the year but we already only have 5 left. These can be pre-booked on 07817539168 (text to pre-book). These offer some shade to sellers as well as a tabletop. These are on the main field and you pull in behind them and set up. These go really fast so text to reserve any Sunday. Everyone else wishing to sell at Stonham can just turn up on the day from 6.30am until 9am. Most people arrive at 8.
We do now let Sellers enter the field from 5.30am onwards. We don’t really get going till 8am but, we have allowed early entry. Buyers will be allowed at the same time but – please allow me to get everyone into position so please don’t hinder this, thanks and please don’t stand behind cars whilst they unload. No one is going to jump in and buy before you as it just isn’t that kind of car boot. The reason we have become so popular is because we don’t have people harassing sellers. If anyone oversteps their mark we will stop buyers entering the field until gone 7am.
We are outdoors only but offer covered stalls. We will always try to open every week irrespective of the weather as we still get buyers and sellers.
Last thing – anyone bringing plants. You can if they are home-grown and you have other things as well. Please don’t bring plants only.
Stonham Barns Car Boot every Sunday
07817539168 for much more information on the Car Boot or [email protected]

Sunday, 21 November, 2021 to Sunday, 28 November, 2021


Categories: Days Out, Family, Food and Drink, Shopping

Times: Ideally 8am but sellers arrive from 6.30am (some earlier). Last one of the year so will be busy.

Notes: No Booking needed just turn up on the day and sell from £6. Covered stalls are available to pre-book these are £12. These come with a table top and overhead cover. Text to pre-book these 07817539168 Only 2 left!

Price: From £6 up to £12 for a large van. Free to park and browse

Official website: https://www.facebook.com/stonhambarnscarboot


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